What is the impact of a graduate clinical degree?

Hello all, I am curious as to what sort of impact a doctorate of physical therapy degree will have on my med school application. I am currently in my final year of my DPT program, and after many years contemplation, have finally decided to pursue my desires of becoming a physician. After working with/around many physicians during my PT clinical rotations, I know I want to play a larger role in the care of my patients. I would like to apply during the 2021 cycle but am worried my lack of volunteering/shadowing may hold me back as I have primarily been focused on my PT coursework for the past 2 years. Also, COVID has severely limited most opportunities for the foreseeable future.

My cumulative undergrad GPA is 3.95 with a 4.0 in science courses, I also have a 3.9 GPA in my DPT coursework. Is it possible to still be a competitive applicant with these deficits for the upcoming cycle or will a gap year be necessary to strengthen my application? Any advice is greatly appreciated!