What is the oldest practicing doctor that you know?

I am 45 years old and by the time I get into medical school (God willing) I will be about 47.

I figure 4 years of medical school and 3 years of residence and I will be 54.

I hope to practice medicine a good 20 plus years.

What is the oldest practicing doctor that you know? Is there an age where they will not renew your medical license due to age? 80?


Read these:





I personally knew of a general practice physician who was practicing in a small town in North Carolina at a 102.

At the hospital where I am doing my residency there was an orthopedic surgeon who just died at 95yo. He was still actively practicing. You would see him around the hospital and in the clinic. Dr. Ponseti devised the Ponseti technique for for using casts and braces to correct club feet.

I’ve had to deal with a neurosurgeon who was still consulting with patients until he was nearly 90, another neurosurgeon who ran a rehab center until he was 80, and a pain specialist who practiced literally until the day he died at 81, who keeled over at a medical society dinner that evening.

61, Harvard professor of surgery. He doesn’t appear to be slowing down. He is still publishing papers and working in trauma. (IMHO that is young anyways. But, you asked.)

The head of Kaiser Permanente’s informatics department came back to work at 94. The Army has a number of physicians that have come out of retirement to serve overseas, several of them in their mid-seventies. Pretty amazing!

My daughter’s pediatrician is about 85 and her son (about 60) is the chief of pediatrics at a nearby hospital. She has a lot of wisdom to offer, which is one reason we chose to stay with her. Wow, but some of these docs listed above, in their 90s, that’s truly amazing.

Go for it! My dad is 79 and his primary is in his nineties. I am fifty and my Dads doctor was the school physician when I was in elementry through HS. I estimate he has been in private practice for about 60 years.