What is your experience with enhancing your GPA in NYC postbacc programs?

I am a 23 year old with a really low cGPA(2.42) and a degree in biology looking to somehow increase my cGPA especially sGPA. I have taken a lot of science courses but did terribly. I just finished taking Microbiology at Hunter College and it went well. I just would like to know your experience doing a diy post bacc specifically in New York City.

I was enrolled in the Hunter PostBacc program so I know quite a bit about Hunter so I could help you if you have questions about specific classes and professors. However, I was in the formal program so my experience would differ in that regard.

In terms of DIY in NYC, CUNY is really the way to do for cost-effectiveness in my opinion.

Can you tell me more about the formal Hunter PostBacc program? What was your situation?

You can check out their website which should have most of the information you need.

http://www.hunter.cuny.edu/prehealth/the-post-ba cc…

The main sticking point for you will be the fact that they required a 3.0 GPA to get into the program. It is a hard numeric cut-off so any apps under that don’t even get seen by people in the office.

I think you’re stuck taking classes a la carte. This is doable but not easy due to limited seats for a good amount of classes offered.

I’m not sure what classes you are eyeing but basically classes with labs required for undergrad majors are the roughest to get into.

I was thinking about maybe trying to become a second degree student so that I can get into all the classes I need. But I will find out about the gpa cutoff though. Thanks for your help!