What order should I take general science prereqs?

HI All! I am getting ready to start registering for my prereqs but wanted to know which is better to start with for general sciences


or does it not really matter?

My classes will be in the evening or on weekends as offered and likely one at a time

Thanks in Advance

I started my journey this summer. This is my order.

Chem 1
Chem 2
Bio 1
Orgo 1
Bio 2
Physics 1

I’ve decided to not take Orgo 2 and Physics 2. There seem to be a good number of schools that aren’t looking for them. Though a B in any of these courses could convince me to take another orgo or physics.

Coool beans Thanks! My pseudo advisor suggested doing BIO 1 and intro CHEM in the fall (intro is a req for getting into CHEM 1 at the univ. But he also suggested doing these classes at CC as it would fit my schedule better)

I have the class availability option of starting with BIO or CHEM just didnt know if one is easier than the other or how they build on one another