What other classes?

This spring I will be taking my last 2 required premed classes (Chem 4 and Phys 2) What other courses do you think would be most helpful in preparing for the MCAT? I am planning on taking the MCAT in April 06. Thanks for any and all advice,

while genetics is very helpfull for the MCAT I think that you’ll have plenty to do with your physics and chemistry classes. I haven’t taken genetics yet, but I don’t think I’m going to take it in the spring. I’d rather learn the part I need on my own using MCAT materials instead of taking too many classes at school and not have enough time to prepare for the MCAT…

Kasia, thanks for the reply. I like your idea about learning what you need for the MCAT on your own, but how do you know what areas of genetics, a&p, microbio, biochem, etc to study?
PS the school I go to has juggled the chem courses so Chem 4 is actually what Chem 2 is at most schools. I have ORG 2 right now, so the spring semester shouldnt be too bad.

I bought the complete Examcracker MCAT preparation. But there is lots of other materials out there - Kaplan, Princeston Review etc…You can just use their materials as a guide and if you need to, you may expand some topics using some other sources. I’m also considering taking inclass Kaplan course starting in January…

molecular bio, biochem

Tim -
I thought there was a lot of physiology on both the practice MCAT’s I took and my real thing. I used both Examkrackers and the Kaplan book and found them both pretty lacking in terms of physiology.

… But I didn’t think there was much physio in Kaplan, and there was even less on my real MCAT.