What should I do next?

A few years ago I graduated with a 2.4 GPA from a reputable state school. I moved to the west coast and participated in biomedical research for 2 years (3 publications, 1 first author). Then, following some good advice that I recieved on this board I pursued a post-bac which I am currently in the middle of as I type this. All is going great, but I am in desperate need to know if my post-bac will be enough to overcome my shady past. I have re-taken most of the pre-med requirements that I did poorly in and recieved A’s in all of them. I have taken a bunch of upper division science classes and recieved nothing but straight A’s. By the time I take the MCAT in August I will have completed 33 credits of post-bac work. My post-bac GPA now is a 3.9 and should remain that high by the time I apply to medical school.
So, my question is will 33 credits of post-bac, 2 years of research, great LORs, and ample volunteer work be enough to overcome my troubled past? I was planning on applying summer of 2004 to allopathic schools, although I think osteopathic schools are great I would like to pursue a competitive field so I really want to go allopathic if I can. I was debating taking and additional 12 credits of post-bac in the evening while I work full time next year so that I could apply with a total of 45 post-bac credits, but then I would have to postpone applying until summer of 2005 or I could apply this summer, keep taking courses and work full-time, but I might end up sending myself off a bridge. Does anyone have any idea if 33 post-bac credits of 4.0 will be enough to overcome the low ugpa?
Any and all advice would be greatly appreciated!!!

I honestly don’t know. I would suggest that you call a few schools you’re interested in and seek their opinion. Do it NOW. If you are planning to apply later this year, they are going to be less and less willing to give you advice over the phone as the opening date for applications draws near. (they restrict contact with applicants, except for interviews, to avoid any hint of favoritism or unfair access.)
You can always go ahead and apply, but also do classwork during the coming year to buff up the application a little more if you end up having to apply more than once. I cringe to suggest this - I know it’s hard! - but that’s one way to cover your bets.

Mary’s advice to call the schools (now!) is excellent.
If you’re looking for anecdotal evidence, I have similar undergraduate and post-bacc stats and coursework. (Actually, my undergrad is worse, but I did do very well on the MCAT.) I applied to about 20 DO and MD schools, received secondaries from all of them, and ended up with 5 acceptances and 4 wait-lists.
Plus, my application was late. I didn’t submit it until early October.
Given my experience, get your applications in early, rock the MCAT and apply this year.
Good luck!!
Susan - Chicago/Minneapolis