What should I review for Pre-Calc?

Since everyone was really helpful in my decision to take pre-calc, I have another question: Is reviewing Algebra and Geometry enough to get me ready for that class? I’ve been using the “Humongous Book…” series by Michael Kelley (They are awesome, in case anyone is looking for a good resource.

I’m also wondering:

What books did you find helpful in Bio 1 and Chem 1? I’ve heard “Chem as a second language” is good, as well as “the ultimate study guide for biology”. I learn best by just doing problems over and over again…

Pre-Calc is VERY trig heavy. Know (and understand) the “unit circle” like the back of your hand. Pre-calc isn’t a difficult class per se, but if you struggle with trig, you will be playing catch-up all semester.

Personally, I don’t think Bio 1 necessitates any supplemental reading. My suggestion would be to just thoroughly read the assigned textbook prior to lecture and be prepared for lab. Unless, Bio is a weak point, that should be sufficient.

Chemistry is a whole different story. You will spend the next next 2 years of gen-chem and o-chem lab doing “dimensional analysis.” Strong algebra skills are essential. When it comes down to it, you will really only be doing multiplication/division and logarithms, so the math isn’t that complicated, but organizing the given information can be.