What to do about OChem I

I took OChem 1 over the spring semester and finished with a C. I was very unpleased with this result. I was very good in both Chem 1 and 2 so this was a surprise. I am scheduled for OChem 2 in the fall, but should I retake Ochem 1?

Only you can answer this question. Why did you get such a poor grade in Orgo 1? Was it just a ‘bad luck’ or a ‘bad day’ on exam day (or any other explanation), or you didn’t understand the material and the grade truly reflected your knowledge? If this is the case, then you have to retake Organic 1 and learn it. Organic 2 builds strongly on the first and there is no way to go around it. If you don’t understand the 1st semester you are setting yourself for another C (or worse than that), and while it’s possible to explain one C to the admission committees, it’s going to be harder with two!


What do you feel was the difference between gchem and ochem? Are you more math/formula based?

Before making any quick decisions, I would first make sure you know what happened that you only got a C, then evaluate if you can fix that before taking ochem 2.

It seems like ochem 2 builds on ochem 1 and I’m not sure if you didn’t understand ochem 1 that well, how well ochem 2 would go for you.

Well the one thing that happened to cause my C was the third test. We had 3 tests and a final. The third test contained a number of questions on material that we had not yet covered in class. The class average on that particular test was a 51. I scored a 58. The highest grade on that test was a 68. I understood the material in OChem 1. I made a 90 on the final exam. My final grade was a 79. No curves possible with this professor.

Ouch. If you feel you can master ochem 2, it would seem then, that you should just accept the C as Kasia stated, and move on.

One thing you could do: do you have access to the EK books for MCAT or any other MCAT study material? If you can readily do the ochem 1 material contained in those study guides, then I think you’d have your answer. Conversely, if not, then you’d know that as well.

Best of luck to you!

I have currently been studying with Kaplan’s MCAT material. So far I have performed well with the Organic questions. I have missed a couple but the majority have been correct. So I believe I will move on. Thank you for your assistance. I will keep moving forward!!

Best of luck to you!!!