What to do? (GPA boost with DIY-post bacc)

Hey OPM!

I plan on starting a DIY-post bacc in the fall of 2017, but I am in a sticky situation because I am not sure what classes would be best for me specifically. Also, I don’t really know how to go about doing this DIY-post bacc. I have a degree in Biochemistry, but I graduated with 12 C’s in BCPM courses and initially I planned on retaking those classes, but I heard some people say it is better if I take new higher level sciences classes I never took before to get my gpa higher quicker. I know AAMC takes averages of your scores, so if I make an A in those 12 classes it would average to 12 B’s. I was always passionate about allopathic schools, but since finding out about osteopathic schools it has sparked an interest in me too. However, DO schools have stopped grade replacement so it wouldn’t matter if I apply MD or DO anyways since they both now take the average score. (I plan on applying to both by the way when the time comes). I honestly want to take the courses again so I can be proficient in understanding in these science courses, but would it just be a waste of time? Does anyone have experience with this? Any advice is appreciated.

Retake or not to retake? That is the question. lol.

With no more grade replacement, it makes more sense to just take classes that interest you (double bonus if they pertain to science/mcat). You’re more likely to do better in something you enjoy. An upper level class would probably be better than a retake of a class you already passed. You may want to branch out outside of biochem and look at things like genetics, immunology, and other medicine-related courses as well. If there is a medically-based biochem course, I’d highly recommend that. At least at my school, the biochem course and longitudinal coverage of biochem subject areas is lacking and I’ve had to do a lot of self-learning.

How long ago did you graduate? If it’s been forever, doing well in more recent classes will help overcome some of the stigma of a below-med-school-matriculant GPA.

Thank you for your reply Kenny Mac! I graduated December 2015 so it will be two years this year since graduating. I am loving my Anatomy and Physiology class I am taking at a local 4 year university. It is the only class I am taking right now because I am paying out of pocket and trying to avoid loans. I hope to take atleast 12 hours of science classes next year to boost my sGPA. I think that is what I am going to do…find upper level science courses to take. However I really want to retake genetics which I got a C in but it was because I was depressed and not motivated to study at the time so I accumulated Cs in the classes you mentioned. As for other courses I want to branch out to different courses like medical terminology and such.

If you’re strapped for cash, medical terminology should be low on the priority list. You pretty much learn all that on the fly in med school (at least at my school, we have no “medical terminology” course).