what to do next?

I just finished my prereqs and planning what my next move should be. I’m planning to take the MCAT next April/May and apply early for 2011-2012 app cycle.

My stats:


-BS in Computer Science, Overall GPA: 3.5

-Overall, a good performance since the GPA for the last 70 credit hours was around 3.85. However, B’s and C’s in my earlier math classes are getting in the way of improving my BCMP GPA.


-Master’s in Computer Science, Overall GPA: 3.5

-Overall a poor performance since 3.5 includes 2 A+'s for the independent research credit. Plus at the graduate level, 3.5 is the minimum expected GPA.


-Completed Biology I/II, Chemistry I/II and Physics I at a community college with 4.0 GPA (25 credit hours, 1 summer + 2 semesters)

-Completed Physics II, Organic Chemistry I/II, Genetics, Microbiology, Cell Biology at the state university with my target medical school with 4.0 GPA (22 credit hours, 2 semesters)


-BCMP GPA: 3.65

-Overall GPA (Including Graduate GPA): 3.6

So…I can continue to take 2-3 advanced science classes and focus on my grades/GPA. Or I can cut that down to 1-2 advanced science classes and look for a research opportunity. I work around ~30 hrs/week so that’s why I need to reduce my course load if I decide to get involved in a research.

Please let me know if you any suggestions.

Only do research if you want to do research and can find a meaningful opportunity. A lot of what premeds call “research experience” consists of them washing test tubes in a lab.

If you have a target med school, please consider making an appointment with their admissions office to discuss how to make your application competitive from their standpoint. Ask them what they would consider more meaningful on your application.