what to do where to start ?

i was wondering what is the best way to approach a post bacc degree? should i just start taking some pre req classes at a local university before applying to the post bacc program?? it kinda seems like they are highly competitive already just to get in. what is the best way to even get into the program to start a career in the medical field if i wasn’t a science major before? i took virtually no science classes in undergrad and graduated with a double major in sociology and anthro with a not-so-great gpa (a little above a 3.0). i recently applied to volunteer at some local hospitals to gain experience but not sure if this is enough to even be considered for most post bac programs.

if i take some basic pre reqs at a local university (just enrolled right now for upcoming semester but not sure which courses to take) and do pretty well (near 4.0 gpa), would this be a significant factor in being admitted to most post bac programs?

anyway, i was wondering if anyone knew how competitive these programs are, how qualified the applicants are, and what i can do to make myself more eligible. basically, just how to get in, since most post bac premed programs only have a handful of spots

p.s. also, what’s the best way to medical shadowing? i called some hospitals around my area and the receptionists don’t seem to be familiar with this option, or maybe they just don’t offer it. should i keep calling other hospitals? or should i contact the actual doctors themselves, although this approach seem really strange to me.

any advice/personal experiences would be greatly appreciated! thanks in advance

Hello and welcome, qlui!

First, you don’t need to take a formalized post bac. You can just make sure to take the necessary prereqs at the university.

The first thing I would do would be to get my transcripts together and write down every class that I took. While your GPA is low in regards to your overall, because you haven’t taken any real sciences, you can start relatively fresh and have a high science GPA if you really apply yourself. You’ll also want to make sure that you take all of your prereqs before taken the MCAT to give you the best chance of doing well on this important test.

What I would suggest that you do is to retake any classes that are definitely less than a C. Allopathic schools will average all of your courses, but osteopathic schools will allow you to replace older bad grades, which can raise your cGPA.

Getting some kind of health care experience, whether by volunteering or shadowing is a definite must. Until you do this, everything is resally idealized, and the reality of medicine isn’t all rosy.

Mary made some great suggestions on how to approach doctors about shadowing.