What type med student are you?

I got this off of SDN today. It is really funny. I will put up a disclaimer though, because some of the language is bad.

That was REALLY funny. And painfully close to the truth. Wow. I am not sure which type I’d be, I kinda cringe and suspect that a lot of folks would nominate me for “painfully enthusiastic.” Oh well, it beats “perpetually angry” and “gunner.”

Hi there,
I was definitely “The Prankster”. I had something going on every rotation. I remember standing in medicine rounds and carefully explaining the difference between a “right-handed cannula” and a “left-handed cannula” to an enthralled group of interns and students. My chief resident was turning red from trying to stifle her laughter.

I think I’m a blend of prankster and one-track-mind. I didn’t find the one for non-pranking smart ass. That’d be me.
Have ya’ll seen the other ScutMonkey cartoons she has on that site? Just delete the last part of the URL and you’ll see the links. Very funny stuff (because of its accuracy).
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I’m not there but I think it will depend on what kind of day I’m having. Overall, I’ll probably the “painfully enthusiastic” one but I expect to also be the crier/perpetually enraged/senstitive soul/one-track mind and will go through periods of “sanity” (last cartoon). Where’s the schizophrenic cartoon? That’s probably what I’ll be by the time I’m done.