What's on your CD player these days?

Hi Folks,
The discussion thread about “hair bands” made me think about starting a thread about what folks are listening to these days. I listen to every kind of music known to man. I generally have no favorites and pick up whatever I am in the mood for. My music collection has everything from 50 Cent to Mott the Hoople to Al Stewart. There is no music on earth that I do not like. I listen to gospel, R & B, classical jazz, smooth jazz, folk, heavy metal and disco.
What I am listening to:
Nelly (rap) I just love to "go stompin in my Air Force Ones"
Stone Temple Pilots (love the gutteral sounds here)
Mott the Hoople (brings out my 70s-side)
Garth Brooks (Shameless emotion)
Carlos Santana (the sexiest man alive)
Michael McDonald (the second sexiest man alive)
Eric Clapton (the third sexiext man alive)
Peter White: Caravan of Dreams (the fourth sexiest man alive)
Ravi Shankar (reminds me of my head-banging days)
Prince : Purple Haze (over produced but good beat)
Notorius B.I.G. (brilliant lyrics; pure artistry)
Michelle Branch (this child has extreme talent)
Aretha Franklin: Whose Zooming Who? (The voice of God)

Like it or not:
Mozart Opera dominates right now. Going thru a serious nostalgic trip right now…
Ahh those were the days.


Mozart Opera dominates right now. Going thru a serious nostalgic trip right now…
Ahh those were the days.

That sure gives Old Pre Meds new meaning!!!
What’s in my CD player? Nothing.
I’m but a lowly, poor med student. The powers that be have determined that entertainment will not be included in the financial aid package. They probably assume we’ll spend every waking hour pouring over the scintillating course packs they so generously provided (for a small fee)…
Why listen to “old” music, the “hair bands” of yesterday? Because those were the days of disposable income!

I am an iTunes junkie. Speaking of which, I bought a new iPod and now it is stuck with Fedex sicne they cannot deliver it to my mother who is without power, without form of communication and I cannot find her. Damned Hurricane.

R. Kelly best of
Sarah McLaughlin - last 2 cds
Guns & Roses best of
Heart best of
Sting - all this time
Chris Isaak - speak of the devil
compilation cd of famous disco tunes
some no named arabic tunes that remind me of living there
Oh Sister where art thou - women’s take on the movie/blues/etc
Chemical Brothers when on the stepper
that’s about it for now…

If it’s in the CD player, it’s gotta be Sting…
I just ousted Audio Osmosis from there… hope to never have to listen to it again… but have a distinct feeling I will be…
You name the CD… I have most of them… Sacred Love has been getting the most play as of late.
I listen to the radio most of the time in the car… but love to catch the tales from lake wobegon (I’m sure I spelled that wrong, sorry) on Sat and Sunday afternoons on NPR.

If I’m listening, its:
Ray Lynch (Deep Breakfast is my favorite)
The B-52’s Cosmic Thing
Cher, The Best of (especially “Gypsys, Tramps, and Thieves)
Eurythmics- Greatest Hits
"Kundun” The soundtrack by Phillip Glass
Ravel “Bolero”
“Baby Got Back” Sir Mix A Lot (that will energize me no matter HOW tired I am!!!)
Hindi film music, especially “Chamma Chamma”, The soundtrack from “Lagaan”, “Chhole Ki Peche Kya Ha”, "Jiya Jilay"
Alicia Keys "Songs from A Minor"
Ricky Martin “Living La Vida Loca” (great butt)
And from my “super 70s” collection, “Lady Marmalade” by LaBelle, “Dream Weaver” by Gary Wright, “Brick House” by the Commodores, and “I Will Survive” by Gloria Gaynor
I listen to SOME rap, but don’t really like the language in a lot of it, and absolutely DO NOT listen to any COUNTRY (ick!)

Nanci Griffith (Storms and Fair Summer Evening)
Randy Newman (Bad Love)
Cherish the Ladies (The Girls Can’t Leave the Boys Alone) (Irish/Celtic girl band graciously allowing their fathers, uncles, and brothers to play with them)
Danu (Irish band)
The Mint Juleps (Round our Way)(Acappela girl group, now disbanded)
The Nylons
Rockapella (Don’t Tell Me You Do)
Natalie McMaster (In My Hands) (Cape Breton fiddler)
Capitol Sings Rogers and Hart (Rogers and Hart tunes recorded by various artists in the 40s and 50s; I love me a good bitter Rogers and Hart song).

The Cars (Candio)
Oingo Boingo (The Best of)
The Fabulous Thunderbirds
Hall and Oates (The Best of)
The Go Go’s (The Best of)
Billy Idol (The Best of)
Missing Persons (The Best of)
Do you see a pattern here?

Warren Zevon - Best of
Coverdale & Page
Best of the Band
Slow Hand: Best of Eric Clapton
ZZ Top Waltz into the Blues (or some such title - it’s their blues album)

Unless it is between 3 and 4 on a Saturday, and This American Life is on NPR, I am usually listening to one of these:
Bob Dylan
Bruce Springsteen
Johnny Cash
The Cardigans
I like Dylan the most these days. I’m going to see him in 2 weeks! As far as the Boss, I almost applied to Nebraska because he sings about it. No, I don’t drive a Vanogon, but maybe I should…

Bebel Gilberto- (first and second albums)
Getz/Gilberto with Antonio Carlos Jobim (jazz from the 60’s)
Diana Krall (jazz)
Best of Verdi Opera
Eric Clapton
Spanish guitar greats
Yo Yo Ma - Bach suites for cello