What's the best route to medicine for a 40+ yo international applicant?

hi everyone. As everybody else in here, I also have a dream of becoming a doctor in the US. here’s my story though:
I am a 40 year old foreign national, and currently don’t even live in the US. however, I am married to a US citizen and in the process of hopefully becoming a permanent resident. while waiting for that to happen, I want to have all my ducks in a row and maybe even start some of the work needed before getting to the US.
here’s my background: I have a bachelor’s degree in MLS/CLS and a master of science degree, which i have been told are not going to be accepted by med school admissions committees. I have looked around and found out that there are a few options available to solve this problem:

  1. start from scratch and do a 4 year premed program
  2. do a post bacc
  3. do a post grad degree

Right now I am leaning towards doing a master’s/PhD degree since in most cases they’d pay for the tuition plus some stipend which would help, as i have to worry about supporting my family also. my questions is: is there any other option that I don’t know of? for instance can I take the pre-reqs without enrolling in a specific program and in a shorter amount of time / for cheaper while working full time? is it even allowed/legal to work full time and study?
so, i;d appreciate any insight, ideas and experiences you might want to share :smiley:

I am not a US resident, but I can tell you that US follows a strict eligibility norm to practise medicines, both for US and foreign citizens. According to my research you need to pass USMLE exam in order to become a performing physician in US. Check whether you clear the criteria. There is no age limit here, but the exam is one of the toughest to crack. Go through all the requirements and double-check this reference to be sure.

Hope you meet your dream soon. Good Luck!!