What's your Fall 09 course load?



Sociology of Religion

Sociological Methods

I am taking Org Chem I, A&P I, and Medical Microbiology. I am very excited…My plan is to get a 4.0…I am going to work extra hard…would like to pull up my GPA…from 3.62 to 3.75…

Taking Orgo I, Phys I, and Cell Bio. If I don’t take orgo & phys together, I’ll be bumped into next app cycle. Hoping to take MCATs in spring. The physics class doesn’t look that hard. I took one as an undergrad and did okay. My dad has a PhD in physics and was a professor, so he’ll tutor me if need be. Orgo is another thing all together…

I’m Tom, and I am somewhat new here. I believe this is my first post. I was a little intimidated about introducing myself to the allied health adviser for premed at first. I finally went in to his office last week and met him. And with all of my worries along, I was pleased to say that at my age of 46, he was both welcoming and supportive. He immediately started getting me on the beginning path. I left feeling relieved, instead of the discouragement I anticipated.

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I'm glad you did that, I personally don't advise taking Orgo with Physics...

Oh good, I'm glad I'm reading this. I learned that the hard way the first time around - this time, I'm saving Physics for the spring!

Economic Development

Financial Economics

Human Resource Economics

Personal Finance

Not taking anything related to pre-med at this point…I just want to get done with my degree. I want a break.

Bio I and II with associated labs, Early American History, and Research Composition

Cell Bio

Biochem I

Biophysical Chem

Human Anatomy and lab

Analytic Chem and lab

Im taking

Math 221 (Calculus)

Chemistry 131 with lab

Spanish 101

English 102

Political Science 110

My EMT license is expired and because I changed states I have to retake the class, but the school wouldn’t let me take 25 credit hours so I will also be taking the EMT basic course at my local fire department. Good luck to everyone this semester

Now that I’ve actually registered, I’ll be in Cell Biology, General Chemistry I, General Psychology, and Intro to Sociology. I’m considering changing the Intro to Sociology to Sociology of Birth and Death, but still not sure…

Anyways, ended up being a lighter semester than I thought originally. Probably a good thing since it’ll be the first time I’ll be a full time student in 6 years…


I’m not taking classes this semester so that we can save up some $$$. I’m hoping to go back to school full time in the Spring. In the mean time, I’ll live vicariously through everyone here!

I’ve finished all the pre-reqs now so I am doing a full year of upper level courses to help position me well for a few of the schools here in Canada. It won’t hurt my US applications either.

I’ve got to say, I’m excited, yet terrified if you know what I mean.

Fall Term:

Macromolecules of Biochemical Interest

Molecular Biology I: Nucleic Acid Metabolism


Controversies in the Modern Life Sciences

Biology of Cancer (OR Cellular and Molecular Basis of Muscle Physiology)



Physics and General Chemistry. Only 2 classes with labs cause I am a part-time student

Physics I and immunology

Chemistry I (with lab), Western Humanities, Advanced Topics in Biomedical Systems, Brain Theory and Artificial Intelligence.

I’m a part-time, non-traditional student, will be finishing my masters degree on computer science in this Fall semester, hopefully!.

Working for full-time, so this is already a lot of material for this very special semester.