When a plan comes together

Well as some of you know, I’ve applied to many schools, of which I have 4 top choices (not counting my state school). I was thrilled to be interviewed by one of my top choice schools last month, particularly since I already received some of those “thin envelope” rejection letters.

Yet another “thin envelope” was waiting for me when I got home from classes – Damn, I already got two of these, and now this one is from the very school that interviewed me. After frowning at it, I threw it on the table and went to shove a cup of tea into the micro. Damn again, I had such a wicked headache. While the tea was brewing, I reluctantly sat down, opened the envelope and started to read, “We are pleased to inform you…” - I instantly pounded on the table with my fist three times as I yelled out YES! YES! YES! Jumped up - did a little jig, than danced with the dog – he was as delighted as he was confused. Ha – I could not believe it! After a couple of deep breaths, I calmed down and drank my tea with a dopey smile on my face as I walked around the kitchen. Well, I guess I better actually read the letter – “We are pleased to inform you that you have been selected by the Admissions Committee” - YES! YES! YES! I just could not finish the blasted letter without interrupting myself!
I’ve been accepted into medical school, to VCOM – the wait is over, the doubts are gone, and the new life I created two years ago is on track! What an indescribable feeling. And to top it off, the very next day I receive an email inviting me to interview at another of my top choice schools! I just love it when a plan comes together.
This strange journey would have been harder and lonelier if it were not for OPM – so thanks to all those who diligently work behind the scenes to make OPM work. Thanks to Dave for starting the board and pointing me to it when I was wondering aimlessly through the maze of another forum. Special thank to Natalie Belle and Linda Wilson for all your guidance, words of wisdom, and all the help and time you’ve spent with me - the world needs more people like you in it. I pray that what you have rubs off on me.

Whee-hoo! Way to go!!!

I have tears in my eyes after reading your post . I’m so happy for you. It makes me feel good to see others succeed. I can only imagine how it looked to see you dance with your dog . Congratulations!!!

That is so AWESOME!!! Congrats!

YESSSS Congratulations!!!

Bacmedic - Congratulations on your acceptance to VCOM! This is amazing news! I’m very happy for you.
And Mary is there too so you’ll have a fellow OPM classmate to help you along the way.

Congratulations on a well deserved success!!!
I loved your post, made me smile a lot.

WOOHOO! I’m so happy for you! And your post is fun to read on its own merits.

Congrats! Celebrate your success! I would loved to see your jig and dance with the dog.

Take care,
Jeff Jarvis

All I can say besides congratulations on your acceptance is. . . . congratulations on your interview scheduled here in a few weeks. I am looking forward to finaly meeting you in person instead of through the forums and email. … and I have to admit, I hope WHEN you get accepted here, you will choose to join me and Sue Mason and Jenn Stirgwolt and a few other OPMers.
Welcome to the Class of 2008, no matter where you end up choosing!!

Huge congrats BACMEDIC!!!
I hope I can say the same in another year!

I am doing the “Happy Snoopy Dance” for you! You described it perfectly. That was a horrible trick though, sending you a thin envelope.
Now, you can just breath and pare down on neurotic premed activities. YEAH for you!!

Hi there,
Congratulations on your acceptance! Howard and many other medical schools send out thin letters so receiveing a thin letter is not necessarily bad news.

Dr. BACMEDIC!!! Congratulations.

BACMEDIC - Congratulations on getting in to VCOM! Loved the post Good luck on the decisions you now face; not to mention the move down this way if you choose VCOM. Keep us all informed.

Congratulations!! I could literally feel the excitement when reading your post - way to go!!!

Damned strong work there BACMedic!!! I am very proud of you! Keep up the interview trial KNOWING that you have a “Yes Letter” in your back pocket…it is VERY empowering! Now you have an admission, you are SHOPPING for THE best place.
Oh, be certain to enter your name on the “Class of 2008” thread in this forum.
Again, my sincerest congratulations!

Excellent…congratulations! Hopefully, I’ll see you here next fall! PM me if you have any questions…

Dude, we gotta go out and celebrate once finals are over. First round’s on me.