When do I apply?? HELP!!

Have a BS/MS in geology. Leaving work to return to school F/T to finish up prereqs in fall 07/spring 08. Haven’t taken MCATs yet.

  1. When am I supposed to apply?

  2. Do you have to have grades in for all prereqs b4 applying?

  3. Do I hurry up and study for MCATs and take them online to apply in 07 for 08 admission?

  4. Can you reccommend a review course - is this a safe thing to do while taking prereqs or is it like defeating the purpose of a review course?

    I don’t know much - Please help.


The answer to your question depends on what pre-reqs you have already taken and which ones you have left to do.

It’s generally not advisable to take the MCAT without having taken most (if not all of the pre-reqs). Depending on course structure at your school, some people have been okay taking it without the second semester of organic or physics, as most of the tested material was covered in the first semester.

If you give us a little more information, perhaps we can advise better.


Thanks for replying. You responded to my other post PA or MD 33yo fem no kids.

Took Physics in grad school in 2000. Took Calc I in undergrad and then Calc II in grad school. I have taken Bio 101/102 in 2006/2007.

Plan for fall 07/Sp 08 - I need Chem 1/2, O chem 1/2 - anything else?

You may need to do some checking at the school where you are taking your pre-reqs. Chem I/II are generally pre-reqs for Ochem. Some schools do allow you take them simultaneously, though. Be sure you check with some people about how doable this is.

Assuming that it is possible to take both at the same time fall '07 and spring '08, you could take the MCAT in June '08, apply June '08 for admission Fall '09. But, if you find out you can’t take both chemistry classes at the same time, you may have to add another year to that. So, the more likely scenario is gen chem this coming year, organich in 08-09, apply '09 for entering class of '10. Another possibility would be to take gen chem this summer although you will want to do some serious checking into how intense it is. It can be done. Some people do it with considerable success, others find it ended up being more than they can handle. I don’t know what your work situation is, but it is virtually impossible to work while taking an intense summer science class.

You may also want to check with some schools you plan to apply to and ask about the age of your physics. Some schools have hard and fast rules about how old the pre-reqs may be, and your physics will be 8 years old at a minimum by the time you apply. I suspect that most schools will let the physics slide as long as the rest of your pre-reqs are current and your MCAT is decent, but you should check with a few.

Also - many schools require biochemistry. Ochem is generally a pre-requisite for biochem. This could be taken during your application year, though, as it is not necessary for the MCAT.