When do we get to the good stuff?

ok, I’ve been waiting for a LOOOOONG time… and I’m tired of waiting… what I want to know is… when am I actually going to learn something useful?
I’ve been cramming physics and gen chem, o-chem, and now biochem into my head for the last several years and man, I’m sick of it… when do I get something good?
something I can really apply… and sink my teeth into… something that I can say… LOOK! I can do something with this… now granted, I accept that some of this stuff is background for some of that stuff… but I really need some teaser to keep me going at this point… I KNOW that it’s not going to come to me in the next semester (my last, hopefully, UG semester)… I just want to know when… it’s some motivation.

I think it really depends on your major. I don’t think all doctors are “born scientists” (I know I’m not) and don’t necessarily get a charge out of mechanisms, acceleration, etc…For me, as an Interdisciplinary Studies UG major, the additional elective classes that I took my senior year were the most fun, like forensic biology, health and illness, Women: Biology & Culture, etc. Many of my favorite classes remain those in the social sciences, but I truly believe they can be of great use in medical school and beyond. As long as you can “do” those classes mentioned, you can do them in medical school most likely. But it will still be the end of the second year of medical school before you get away from those basic sciences, unless you get into a program that integrates clinical-related teaching into its basic sciences. I’m right there with you, though, the theories were not the meat of it for me, and why worry? Medicine, for all its information to be learned, is still very much an applied science and loads of on-the-job training!!