When I grow up, I want to be?

Just a little poll for the fun of it!

You skipped physiatry.

Well I don’t know through what residency I want to do it yet, but I want to do sports med

Hi there,
I took the LSAT test and scored 166 which is OK. Will be applying to do law school part-time up in Cleveland. I am also considering reapplying to the NASA ( applied in 1993 and did well) too. I just seem to have so much energy.
My cousin completed law school at age 62 while working as a trauma neurosurgeon at Inova Fairfax Hospital in Falls Church, Va. She is now an MD/JD and practicing both specialties. She is board certified in pediatric neurosurgery. Thank-God I seem to take after her side of the family (no kids, lots of energy).
Headed off to do more surgery!

Kind of surprising that EM is lagging so much, even behind research physician, while surgery is dominate. I would have expected the older crowd with families to be attracted to the EM hours, and disuaded by the surgery hours.

well it’s a VERY small sample size so far!

Since I didn’t see it listed, I’m adding my vote here! Ob/Gyn is my choice right now. Although I won’t be applying to medical school until next year, I have decided to approach it with a VERY open mind.

Rural primary care for me. At least that is what I think I want. How many of you went to medical school knowing what you thought you wanted to do, just to get through and find out you wanted to do something else?

What I’d really want to do is either surgery
or reproductive endocrinology. Unfortunately
for me, both are long residency programs and at
46 yrs old entering, I’ve decided to be practical
and go into family practice. I enjoy the variety,
of family practice, having worked in it for years,
as an M.A.—a well child check, then a mole
removal, then a pap…
It also helps that I have 2 good friends that are
family doc’s that I can bounce my thoughts about
going into this and get their feedback.

I chose family medicine for the poll, but I also like internal medicine, emergency medicine, radiology, and sports medicine. Given my personality, I think I would be best in a primary care field such as FP and IM. I like the idea of knowing my patients and establishing relationships with them as opposed to just seeing them once or twice and never again. I like the idea of seeing a variety of problems and being the “first line of defense” so hence the primary care attraction. I also like the idea of a 3-year residency and less competitive fields.
But, other areas also appeal to me. Emergency medicine, I think would be very cool b/c you never know what you’re going to get! Plus, you’re not tethered to a pager. You work your shift and go home. I think sports medicine or some kind of rehabilitative medicine would just be fun, and radiology appeals to me because I like the bones. I memorized the bones in the 4th grade (hopefully I still remember most of them!) and I feel more comfortable with the skeletal system than the organ systems–I don’t know why.
So who knows what I’ll end up being! I want to keep an open mind. I guess I’ll figure it out pretty quickly what I like and don’t like once I’m on the wards as an MS-III and MS-IV.

I picked anaesthesiology, although it was a toss up between that and surgery.
I think what I’d like to do most though is work for the World Health Organization. So I think I might eventually apply for a combined MHP degree. I don’t know if there’s much crossover between surgery or anaesthesiology and public health. But if there is, I will find it! I’m interested in Doctors without Borders too, and they recruit lots of both those specialties.

Damn! Seems I left off a couple of biggies! Oh well…feel free to start another edition - was purely for fun anyhow.

Picked Rads, but I like Path, Reproductive Endocrinology, and Anesthesiology too!
Too soon to tell if I’ll even get into med school hehe, but it’s fun to think about this stuff.

I chose radiology, however I intend to pursue the subspeciality of interventional radiology. But, I am keeping an open mind as I am also interested in surgery, internal medicine - cardiology, anesthesiology, and emergency medicine.

Oh, I don’t know…
I guess maybe Internal Medicine or subspecialty… or maybe Emergency Medicine… or Pediatrics… or… oh, I don’t know…
maybe someday I’ll make up my mind.
Interesting to hear other people’s plans…

I think I’d really like to do some subspecialty of pediatrics…I’ve spent a lot of clinical hours in the NICU and I’m just touched by those babes…but I’ve thought about other specialties like hemotology/oncology. I forgot for awhile there how much I love children but I really do love those little people and I just think that you can give them a chance at life what a wonderful thing. I’ve heard it can be depressing the ones you lose, but I think it’d be worth it. Anyhow, I can’t imagine myself in an office giving vaccinations or treating strep throat, chicken pox - although those peds are very necessary. I think I really would like to work in a hospital setting…I really thrive in intense, high-stakes situations (life v. death). Anyhow, I’m open to treating adults, but for now I’m leaning towards the kiddies.