When is too late to apply?

Hi all,

I am just wondering what the general consensus is on when it becomes too late to apply?


I need to find the citation but I am fairly sure that I read in AAMC report/article that 85% of all primary AMCAS applications are submitted by June 30.

Please everyone debate me on this the following but I would suggest that having ALL the parts of your application (primary, secondary, MCAT, transcripts, LORS, etc) need to in no later than August 30 to be FULLY competitive (ie before interview slots start getting scheduled and seats get filled via rolling admissions cycle). Taking that I would say that primary submissions, latest by July 15 (maybe stretch to July 30).

Keep in mind, the more you have done and ready up front (MCAT score, LORs, transcripts), gives you a little bit of buffer. The issue that hits many students is after primary submissions where followup items such as delayed transcripts, missing LORs, etc keep the primary application from going out. Students need to follow up on EVERY LOR, transcript, etc (did you send the request? was it rec’d? was it sent out by the person or school? did AMCAS receive it? did they accept it? was there an issue with? was there a follow up?).

I recall an early member of OPM wound up in DO school partly because a graduation notice/transcript that he requested never made it to AMCAS so his primary never was submitted to the schools. It was like December in the cycle when this was finally caught.

So the direct effect of being late in the cycle and the unplanned for followups can really put you at a competitive disadvantage.

Agreed… my schools of choice start interviewing as early as August, so…I can read the writing on that wall, for sure!

I gave all my LOR writers a deadline of May 15th, just to be sure. And I want my entire application submitted for verification by the end of the 1st week of June.

I need every possible chance I can get, so why risk it?

Basically I hear everyone saying that an August MCAT is not doable? I am trying to weigh applying this year or next, but am registered for a July 27th MCAT and I feel like I need to delay it a little.

I’m not sure about the 85% of applicants get their appl in during June. That seems like a pretty high number.

As far as the August MCAT, I advise that you take it no later than the middle of August.

For MD schools, AMCAS applications submitted in September are nearly the kiss of death.



There is a huge correlation between earlier applications and acceptances, as well as later applications and not getting accepted.

Talking with the admin office at my school they highly recommend getting things in early. I did and it worked well.

Its difficult because I would really recommend not waiting too long to take the MCAT, but I’d also recommend not taking it before you’re ready.

If I were in your situation I would delay the MCAT and apply next year. Have ALL your stuff in by June when the cycle starts. I say this because of the time and expense involved. Why go thru it twice? The advice I was given was essentially “Apply early or don’t bother applying.” I have not applied, this is just advice that I’ve heard for years and it was reiterated at a recruitment fair and open house I just attended by the admin directors.

Honestly, an August MCAT should be your scramble MCAT. That is you should be ready for a April/May MCAT and apply in June 1 (probably the main reason I got accepted), even if you don’t get the MCAT score and then if you need to take the MCAT over you can prep June July and August to kill the do-over.

Megsmed, why do you know now that you won’t be ready for a July 27 MCAT? Do you have a lot of other stuff going on?