Where are all the forums?

Some of the forums have disappeared for me. The only ones I have visible are the OldPreMeds Discussion and the Archives. Any one else having this problem? I tried logging out and then back in - no change.

I also have this problem using firefox or iexplore. When logged out, I can’t see any forums at all.

Probably just a little hiccup with the permissions. Or maybe it’s worst case, and they’re lost to the internet ether… forever! evil laugh

hm… I think it’s naptime.

It appears to be a permission problem. When I try to click on a link to a post that is in the pre-med forums from the main page, I get a message telling me that “Your permission set does not allow you to be here.”

I have the same problem as well. I had to log into the site just so I can read the posts (Yes, I just admitted that I lurk here from time to time).

I hope this is just temporary.

should be fixed now. Sorry about the inconvenience.

Thanks, Terry!