Where do I even begin??

Hi everyone! I just found this website today and am perusing through it quite excitedly A little about myself. I am a mother of 2 boys (ages 6 and 11) and am married. I am currently attending CSUF and will be graduating in summer 2015 with my bachelors in Health Science. I guess what my confusion is - where do I even begin if I am interested in wanting to go to medical school? I know that I am interested in nursing and even PA school, but after the fiasco yesterday at my job, I know that I want to see more autonomy with patient care and interaction (FYI, I work as a transcriptionist and the stuff that my doctors say and do at my work I just simply do not agree with for the most part). I guess I am just accustomed to the kind of care that my disabled brother gets, so when I see how the patients at my workplace gets treated it is a bit disturbing and surprising to see).

For some reason I just cannot seem to wrap my head around how to start the medical school application route, but yet I understand how to initiate the nursing and PA school application process - can it be fear possibly?

Anyhow, I would appreciate any feedback, words of encouragement or even discouragement to set me straight

Thanks in advance everyone for your stories and sharing your personal triumphs and even failures.

Does your school have a premed advisor? That’s the best place.

Besides that, how are you with your premed requirements?

Here is a generic timeline for medical school


Also - why are you interested in medical school if what you see the doctors doing, you don’t like?

Thank you so much for responding! Well, just barely started my prereqs (Bio 100 with lab - A) and I am set to start Anatomy this summer.

I should have mentioned that my brother is a cancer survivor and was diagnosed with a brain tumor at the age of 5; he is now 27, so I have pretty much been in and out of hospitals with him for quite some time.

Regarding your other question - why do I want to be a doctor if what I see my doctors doing I do not like? It is basically to make up for the lack of care that I see so many doctors like them give. My doctors practice in a very upscale area in Los Angeles, and I think with all the glitz and glam that is around them, I think they forgot how to treat not only people but patients

I don’t know where in their lives that being a doctor became secondary and simply making money became their sole reason for waking up in the morning. All I know is that I would rather make a meager living having a few extra “bucks” here and there at the end of the month, but at least I know that it was because I did it for the sake of helping others. I understand we all have to make a living - I really do - but there is the issue of living in excess and that is what I am surrounded by day in and day out.

While I was with my brother in hospital, I came across some of the most amazing doctors, who were so passionate about their jobs that it was hard to distinguish between the doctor and the person. That’s how caring they were towards my brother and my family. I hope to one day be that practitioner.

Hi Ido9,

I’m in Los Angeles aswell and am taking my pre-reqs. Let me know if you’d like to chat about the process of getting into medical school.


I have been reading The MedEdits Guide to Medical School Admissions by Jessica Freedman, MD.

http://www.amazon.com/MedEdits-Guide-Medica l-Schoo…

I have found it pretty helpful in understanding the process. Since, just like you I had no clue where to begin. Some of it is not applicable for post-baccalaureate students, but the majority is very helpful.

Is anyone else familiar with this book and can validate its accuracy? It had great reviews on Amazon and seemed up to date because it mentions the 2015 MCAT changes.

I also have been researching med schools that I am interested in applying to and looking to see what requirements they have and aligning my post-bacc work plans with that.

I’d love to! Just email me at my personal email at loany.do@gmail.com. Looking forward to speaking with you!

Hi everyone,

I just saw this website and am so excited. I am a mother of 2 (4yrs and 20months old) and I have a full time job as a chemistry stockroom manager and looking forward to going to medical school. I will greatly appreciate any tips and advice.


Hi hi! Welcome!

ido9, I’m a CSUF student as well. Check out:


We have an awesome advising office.

Hello there and welcome! You are a soon to be graduate of Health Sciences? Hmm, how did you like it? I ask because I have been considering it as a major but someone said (it was from the internet :/) that the sciences with the degree may cause a problem when I apply to med school. Do you have to take anything over?