Where do I start??????

I have finally decided that I need to really start to seriously make the move to going back to medical school, but not sure where I should start. I graduated college in 1991 with a chemistry degree,attended medical school and completed the first two years in the early 90’s but because of several family and personal issues did not complete the program. I want to start again but not sure where I should begin. Should I go back and take some undergrad courses to refresh my memory… or should I start prep work on the MCAT…Also there is the issue of how to finance all of this, are there any special financial programs for non-traditional students. Any advice from anyone???

Leaving a spot in medical school for whatever reason, and not returning to it, puts you in a very different position from most folks here. I suggest you start by chatting up the folks at the medical school you attended. If for whatever reason you can’t do that (and it would be a red flag to me if you can’t or don’t want to talk to them - or they don’t want to talk to you), then see if you can make an appointment with an admissions counselor at other med schools you’re interested in.

I’d do all this before you pursue anything in regards to new classes, MCAT, etc. Your new application will need to acknowledge your status as a former medical student and you need to know how to handle this, from the horse’s mouth so to speak (meaning the admissions folks). Good luck!


I agree with Mary, your situation is completely different and most of us here will NOT be able to advise you wisely. Take her advice and go from there.