where do I start?

Hi All,

What great luck in finding this site. I’ve begun to think about the possibility of becoming a doctor again. I’m almost 30 with a current career in Video/Multimedia/IT. I was always in love with the medical field since high school, but back then I didn’t have the work ethic or concentration to take on the challenge…I was a teenager!

Lately I’ve been thinking about it a lot and really wishing I would have gone that route. Obviously it doesn’t seem like its entirely too late, but now I’m married, have two kids, and a full-time job.

So obviously the first step would be to find a post-bacc program. I graduated from RIT with a BFA, so I have NONE of the course history I would need. My GPA was not the greatest, only a 3.05. I’d need to find somewhere to do the needed coursework that would offer the appropriate classes at night around northern Virginia so I can continue to work. Is there anything like that in my area? Is there anything else I should know? Am I nuts?

Thanks so much!

I’m about to start a post-bac program this fall myself, so I’ve been in a similar place - looking for the right program to fit my needs. Luckily, I live in Chicago and had several programs to choose from. (I’m actually doing a daytime program, as my husband has a decent job and will be supporting the two of us while I take classes.)

Have you checked with universities/colleges in your area to find out whether they have post-bacs? That would be a good place to start. You can also search online.

A note - you’ll need to do really well in your pre-reqs to make up for your lower GPA from your previous degree. That’s not to say it’s impossible, but that number needs improvement for you to be a competitive candidate.

You might also think about getting some medical field experience - volunteering, shadowing, etc. That’s important for your application.

But no, you’re not nuts - I’m almost 30 myself, and I’m doing this too.