where to begin??

Hi everyone!

Is there any one here coming from another country and who succeed in the process of applying to med school?

To sum up, I’m a pharmacist and I did all my studies in France. I did realise during my 5th year of pharmacy school (a year we spend in a hospital setting) that I was more interesting by spending time in ICU/PCCU or the ER than the pharmacy…At that time, I thought of finishing pharmacy school and going to med school in France.

But life happens and we had an opportunity to move to the US. So, I finished pharmacy, worked a few years for two different pharmaceutical companies and moved to the US.

I’m now a permanent resident here and I’m working as a pharmacy tech in a hospital. And I still have this strong desire to become a physician!

But I’m kind of lost when looking at the application process since I don’t fall into “categories”:

  • I’m not an international student since I’m a permanent resident,
  • I don’t have any credits in a US school,
  • I already did all those prerequisites in France.

    What would you recommend?

    Does anyone went through this process?

    I would love to have advices from anyone who had the same experience!

    Thank you very much for your help!

From what I’ve seen, most medical schools (if not all) require a certain number of undergraduate credits from an accredited U.S. college. Perhaps there are exceptions - that is something you would need to research by looking at different school’s websites and calling their admissions offices.