Where to begin....

I will be 30 in a couple of weeks, am a sinlge parent of a 10 year old, and I am returning to school to complete my undergrad studies. I should only have 1 year left but it depends on how many credit transfer. Anywho, to add on, I will also be enrolling in the Pre-Med Studies program offered at the University as well. Has anyone been through a similar situation? Single parent trying to get into Med School? I didn’t have the mind set 12 years ago to stay focused on the end result and then I had to end schooling to raise my child. I feel now is the right time and if I dont do it, there will be many years worth of excuses and I will never end up accomplishing my goal. I have been researching sites for assistance with the MCAT studies and if I only have 2 years tops of undergrad to complete, the timeline shows me taking the MCAT April 2011, but I have no college science course credits yet. Sorry, rambling off the top of my head but I guess thats why I am posting…to get advice and some guidance to sort all of this out.

Any help is appreciated…so much to do and a long journey ahead…

start by taking a deep breath and repeat after me: This is a marathon and not a sprint.

Now that that is done, to answer your question you start at the beginning.

Take inventory of the classes that you need as your pre-reqs to medical school and do well in all of your courses.


When you are ready and have taken all of the classes covered by the MCAT, then you should start thinking about the it and not before. A house without a good foundation will crumble.

Good advice. I think I am thinking about everything all at once instead of taking baby steps. I will take your advice and take what I need to complete the pre-req’s and go from there. Whew! That helped! Thanks!

Gabe already said the most important thing

Rule 1: Take a breath. Literally, at least once a day… some days it might be 30 times

At the other end is

Rule 10: FUD - Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt. Don’t let them creep into your steady plan forward

Awesome rule…I am going to post that on my wall…thank you for the advice!