Where to get Cheap Textbooks

Hey, I have posted this before – but since I just dropped about &#36150 on some books, I figured it was a great time to remind you all. Believe it or not, Wal-Mart has top-notch books prices – even on medical textbooks. Their selection is not as extensive as some of the other sites, but the savings definitely merits a check before you order through the allegedly cheap places, i.e: medbookstore or medsite.

Example - I purchased, a while back the ER Med Bible “Emergency Medicine: A Complete Study Guide” (all 2000+ pages and 12 pounds of it) for &#36105 – versus the &#36150 ~ 160 you’ll pay elsewhere on-line. Today, I got “Professional Guide to Signs & Symptoms” – &#3645 on medsite for &#3630 on Wal-Mart / Swanson’s Family Practice Review – &#3664 on medbookstore and &#3656 through Wal-Mart. And, standard S&H is &#365, expidited ~&#3611, overnight is ~&#3613 versus much higher on the others.

Their web site is: www.walmart.com

I order most nearly all of my books through them. In fact, the only time I get books elsewhere is when Wal Mart doesn’t have it, or the rare case where someone else beats Wal Mart’s price.

Another great place, for used books, is: www.docswap.com. This is simply a message board where folks post used books & equipment they wish to sell. If you see something you want, you just send them an e-mail. I got a text on Peds Cardiology for &#365 + S&H in mint condition through DocSwap…and there are no additional fees.

Also try www.mysimon.com you can compare different websites and get total prices with shipping charges.

I have found www.allbookstores.com to be a great source for cheap books. They search for your books on many different sites and then show the listings based on price. I have frequently found books through this site that I could not find on Amazon or Barnes and Noble.
Take Care!
Trey Wood

Add All will also do a search and comparison shop for you. I’ve never tried it for textbooks though.

Also check out half.com–used textbooks and sometimes publisher's overruns/remainders in mint condition, much cheaper than new.