Where to take my pre-reqs?

I am planning to take my pre-reqs and I am not sure where to take them? I’m debating between taking them at the community college or at the university. Which one will stand out better when I apply to medical school? I’ve always heard that med school isn’t very fond of community college. Is that true?

do a little poking around and you’ll find lots of conversations about this…

As Mary said, this comes up constantly. It completely depends on your situation, and the school in question. Honestly, community colleges are finally gaining some degree of respect, but it’s going to take years and a tremendous collaborative effort before they’re regarded seriously enough to be on par with four-year schools. In fact, I went to a comedy show tonight, and the comic joked about how it broke his parents’ hearts when he just barely attained his GED. When he interacted with the crowd, he came across a community college student and made about ten different jokes about the rigors of community college.

That shouldn’t deter you, as long as you can prove your application is strong. I took most of my BCPM classes at a community college before transferring, and I think I have a good shot. One of my CC department chair’s favorite students from two years before me is currently an MS-2 at Columbia. If you have the financial resources, a state school may look more respectable. But you may actually learn the material better in a classroom instead of a huge lecture hall…

whether fairly or unfairly, reality is 4 year schools are viewed in a better light than community colleges, with some exceptions as in the california community colleges. I am trying to find the site but I am sure that one of the New York Medical schools had a statement to the effect that community colleges classes are normally acceptable for prerequistes

But my rule #3 applies here: it depends.

you have to look at how the “whole” picture of your application will be viewed. For example if you were a non-science major originally and had a good GPA, taking courses at a CC would not be as big disadvantage as someone who may have done poorly on their original premed work in aq 4 year school

  • gonnif Said:
...better light than community colleges, with some exceptions as in the california community colleges...

Richard -- with respect to California CCs, is there any anectodal evidence that an entirely California CC-based post-bac (assuming that is possible) has in the past been accepted for satisfying pre-reqs?

I searched MDApps and found a few applicants who seem to have been accepted with CC pre-reqs, but perhaps there were other factors that overrode the CC-factor and led to acceptance.





My advice has always been: Go to the most rigorous four-year institution that time and money will allow. Give yourself every advantage in this process…the competition huge.