Whether to apply now (August) or wait until next May?

Hello! I’m Erin, just finished my post-bac work this May (and took the MCAT), and am wondering whether to go ahead and apply now, or wait until next May and apply with next year’s group. Two friends who just finished their first year cautioned against applying this late due to rolling admissions, but I would love to hear advice from any and all past applicants. I did undergrad at Yale (3.56 GPA), post-bac at the University of Texas (science GPA 3.1-3.2), and MCAT 29Q. Thanks!

Hey Erin.

Your MCAT and science GPA are very average… Would be much less of a problem early in the application cycle than now. At the same time, with a good overall application (extracurriculars, PS, letters etc), it might be enough to get you an acceptance even now.

Where are you going to apply? State schools vs. out0of state? I think at this point I would not apply to many schools… it’s not worth your investment; Many of the schools will have scheduled all their interviews by the time your application gets verified. But I think I would give it a shot and apply to a couple of schools where you’d love to go… who knows - it might not be too late… if you don’t make it this year, at least you won’t ‘waste’ tons of money, and you’ll apply very early next year.


The question I always ask is your goal to get into medical school or to get into medical school quickly?

My philosophy is making yourself the strongest candidate for your first time application. A re-applicant will have extra scrutiny on the second application. While in some situations this can be used to an advantage, on the whole it is a negative. As was said previously, you seem to have average MCAT/GPA and now want to apply late in the cycle. Your chances will be reduced in doing. My suggestion is wait until next cycle.

In the meanwhile you should consider what can do to make yourself a better candidate and perhaps another well-prepared attempt at MCAT. If you can pull yourself up by 4 points to 33, that would take you from average to good candidate. If you add either some outstanding volunteering, clinical job or research, that might push you into excellent candidate status.