Which GPA is important

Hi all

this is the list of GPAs from TMDSAS.

Which one(s) are the committees looking at (in priority)? The overall is not great due to an MBA with a low GPA. Too bad.

This is the list from TMDSAS, any info will be appreciated.

  1. Overall GPA: 3.68

  2. Overall Science GPA: 4.00

  3. Undergrad GPA: 4.00

  4. Undergrad Science GPA: 4.00

  5. Undergrad Non-Science GPA: 4.00

  6. Graduate Total GPA: 3.51

  7. Graduate Science GPA: 0.00

  8. Graduate Non-Science GPA: 3.51

    Thanks folks.

That science GPA is pretty sweet especially if there is some upper level in there. They will probably look at the Overall and the Science. The graduate might weigh some but since it is an MBA, I’m not really sure how much they will care.


thanks for the input. I am seeing the admission director tomorrow at my top school. I guess I will simply ask the question.

I do hope this MBA is not going to weigh in much. I did it during my first postdoc and frankly didn’t care, because I was overwhelmed, and did it just because I received 54K in tuition. So it was hard and pulled all nighters, just wanted Bs… Well we’ll see.