Which materials?

Which materials did you all buy? Kaplan/TPR/Examkrackers/Other?
In-class prep course or online?
Books/CDS or supplemental material?
Did anyone just purchase old MCATs through the AAMC and nothing else? (I think most people do that plus something else but I don’t know). Was what you used successful? About how much did you spend? Do you think you got your moneys worth with a good MCAT score? Just want your opinions, esp. for those currently in medical school or residency. Thanks for your help.
I’m taking the MCAT in 2006 but I want to start thinking about this now. There’s so much material on the market and since so many of you have been successful on the MCAT, I wanted to know what worked for you. I know there’s no magic formula and that it takes a lot of study time, including a bunch of full-length practice exams. Thanks for your help.

I am currently utilizing EK study schedule and EK 1001 practice problems, Kaplan Big Book and Kaplan practice problem workbook. Also, before the month is out I plan to purchase the AAMC practice tests 5R, 6R, 7, 8.


I used EK books and Audio Osmosis cds and studied on my own. I also got the AAMC practice tests, mostly online. I made sure to do two practice tests on paper so that I felt ready for the format. I felt pretty good about it. The thing I would have done differently is give myself another month or two of study time (I studied for 4 months while taking classes) and I would brush up on General Chemistry more. Most of my Physical Sciences section was chemistry instead of physics. I’m not sure how successful my strategy was, ask me again on Thursday!

My advice is old but FWIW I purchased all the AAMC tests that were available at the time and took them AFTER I’d done a couple of Kaplan full-length practice tests. I’m not sure I can explain my reasoning well, but I felt like the “real deal” tests from AAMC were the best gauge of whether I was really ready, and so I didn’t want to take them too soon. If I’d taken an AAMC test a few months out and done crappy on it, I would’ve known I needed to study - but I knew that anyway. By taking the AAMC tests closer to the exam date I got some much-needed reassurance that I was on the right track. So I offer that somewhat convoluted line of thinking and hope it makes sense

I am currently attending TPR classes. For me, the classes are a little less useful than have been the materials. The sheer volume is great. The materials are well written and well organized. There are TONS of practice problems and reading passages. I’m also using the EK Audio Osmosis CD’s and they’ve been a good supplement to the TPR materials. As far as strategies go, I tend to prefer EK’s to TPR’s. I also have EK’s review books, but have not cracked them as of yet. I’m taking the test in August, so will have a better indication of how much assistance the products gave once the results come back in the fall.
Good luck!!

UPS just delivered the books for the Kaplan course I’ll be taking! Woo Hoo! I bought some other MCAT books (Barron’s, & Kaplan) and was going to prep on my own but last week got realistic about my self-discipline. I decided to take the class. Starts next week.
Getting the books is making this whole test thing sink in…I’m really going to take the MCAT…wow.