Which Physics class to take?

So im a 30 yr old with 20 previous credits from when I was 18 looking to go back to Temple University in Philly and major in Anthropology with a concentration in Human Biology. No math or physics classes are required so I was curious… they offer a “Intro to Gen Physics” which is non calculus based and “General Physics” which is calc based, and Calc 2 is a pre req for it. Ive heard horror stories about calc and it seems foolish to take Calc 1 and 2 and risk damaging my gpa with lackluster grades if in the end it is not necessary. Does it matter what I take?

If there’s a specific school you’re interested in, check with them. Most schools state that they want two semesters (8 hours) of general physics courses. If there’s an option to not take calculus-based physics, that would be the better option, but be sure you can satisfy the admissions requirements.