Which program - Bryn Mawr or Templs BCMS

I have been accepted to the postbac program at Bryn Mawr and Temple University and am having a hard time deciding between the two.

I have listed the pros and cons for both programs:



Conditional acceptance to TSUM

Access to TSUM and hospital for shadowing and etc


Classes with ugrad (huge lecture classes)


Bryn Mawr


Classes with postbacs only with good support

Good environment

Flexibility to visit linkage schools before applying and have a choice


Still have to apply to med school on top classes

I value the conditional acceptance and shadowing opportunities with Temple, but safety is big concern. For Bryn Mawr, I value the quality of teaching but don’t like the idea of having to go through the application process (with the linkage schools) which may or may not result in a conditional acceptance.

As an older career changer, based on your experience, what should be valued more? The quality of teaching and classes vs conditional acceptance to med school? Any inputs are welcomed! Thanks!

Bird in the Hand = Worth Two in the Bush!

You are indeed fortunate that your hard work already paid off in two post-bacc program acceptances! Aah, to have that enviable luxury of choices!

It sounds like a clearly skewed imbalance between:


I think the dual issue of quality of teaching and big classes versus small classes is a moot point, because you are mature now and you will be self-reliant in either environment. You know how to study and most of it is up to you, not the teachers. You are more mature than the ugrads by now, and you know how to study effectively and blossom in whatever environment you are planted.

PERSONAL SAFETY: If safety in the city around Temple University is your major worry

can you explore this issue with the campus police and student affairs advisors? Surely they have handled these issues before.

Maybe you can get basic shared housing on campus or right across the street from the Temple University campus where you will be studying.

Other than walking across the road, I expect nearly 99% of your time will be spent either: (a) at your desk, or (b) in class and labs, so living arrangements can be minimal, not luxury in the 'burbs. You can eliminate street exposure to crime areas and cut your transit time by opting for the convenience and efficiency of proximity to campus.

PROFESSIONAL SECURITY: With the reputed nearly 33% acceptance rate (3 unique applicants for every US SOM seat), your advantage of a guaranteed admission to the Temple University School of Medicine, for merely doing well in their post-bacc classes seems an opportunity too good to pass up! Bird in the Hand theory

Seriously, you can learn all the self-defense techniques you need in order to keep yourself secure between now and the fall, by going to a gym, YMCA or martial arts center, no joke.

Good luck making your best decision.

  1. do want to stay in the philadelphia area then Temple probably a better plan

  2. R you an external processor? better to be around peers.

  3. R you concerned about grades? I had a similar issue when I was post bacc I decided on the direct admit program but then I got in into organic chemistry and discovered that the professor did a true bell curve with 10% failing and 40% with C’s and 10% with A’s. I was allowed to take 1 class out of post bacc program and so I was able to take O chem elsewhere. In some schools the premed classes are “weeder” classes. Check it out.

You have to perform well in whichever route you take. Choose the option you think you’ll perform best in.