Who confers MD or DO diplomas

I have a question. Let me try to simplify as much as I can.

There Osteopathic schools and allopatic schools.

I had a conversation with a friend yesterday and he told me this:

If you attend a D.O school, you can take the complex exam and the USMLEs. If you pass the USMLE exams, the organization that’s in charge of administering the USMLE exam will grant you an MD degree.

Can somebody that has knowledge of this comment on it. Is this true?

I was under the impression that it is the school that you attend that confers the MD or DO degree.

To ask another way. What Degree do I get; MD or DO, if I attend a DO school, but ended up taking and doing well on USMLEs?

Please help!

Your friend is incorrect. The body that confers the degree is the school which you attend.

If you go to an MD school, you get an MD. If you go to a DO school you get a DO regardless if you take the USMLE or not. The only reason why DO students would take the USMLE is for residencies in highly competitive fields where there are less Osteopathic spots.