Who do you admire that you've worked with directly in a medical setting?

Couldn’t really think of the best way to title it, but it’s a start. Simply just curious as to who do you admire and why. For me, there’s a cardiologist at a clinic back in my hometown. When I first was getting to know him a few years back while working there, he came across as this whiny prep. Yet, as I got to know him more, I began to accept the constructive criticisms. I once wrongly interpreted the amount of atropine to be given to a stubborn patient during a dobutamine stress test, gave 1/2 of .1 CC when he meant 1/2 1 CC. No wonder we couldn’t reach the target HR sooner. I found out this guy went to Hopkins also. Impressive, I thought. Yet, most impressive to me was that he has 5 children who are all not yet teenagers and he still manages to make time for them and his wife. I was told when physicians were allowed to take charts home for dictation, you could hear the kids in the background asking him to play with them, and he’d stop his dictation to do so for a while. Another physician I know does stress tests, research, sees patients in the clinic, you name it. Working sun up to sun down if not longer oftentimes. I used to think you had to do all of that if you wanted to be a cardiologist. I at one time became uncertain of pursuing medicine for that reason because I’ve always wanted to have a good family, or better than I grew up in. But I’ve since learned that if you are willing to work at it, you can be successful as a physician and dad/husband alike.