Who is using wikipremed these days?

I just discovered the wikipremed site, and am watching some of the physics videos now. I’m a little challenged with physics, and Sal at Khan seems 2 brief, whereas freelance teacher often has 180 minutes of videos on 1 topic that move too slowly.

I’m wondering if others have used this material. Also–has anyone (recently) bought the resources he sells–namely physics flashcards? The look helpful.

I’ve done some searching about the site, and it seems like some people use it though categorically it is underutilized. Just thought I’d start the discussion now, especially as it might be helpful for some folks to discover this resource.

i have his materials. I did not use it for MCAT but for my physics class after MCAT ( I thought I would have to repeat MCAT). the best resource was physics flashcards. i did not like organic chemistry pathways. and the main book is really nice idea but U need a lot of time to use it the way he encourages. overall I really liked his portal, lots of resources and good links to other pages.

Thanks for posting this question. I just found out about this and frankly this is a wealth of information…for FREE!!!

Thats crazy, I’ll be sure to utilize this resource to the fullest potential.

Thanks again.

(Oh, and I’ll probably pick up those physics flashcards too!)

I have that in my favorites, but I haven’t put it to use much. This is a great reminder for me to check it out again.

I totally agree on Khan (useful sometimes beyond words and other times just way too brief) and YES on freelance teacher, too. Hours of videos, sometimes too slow and hard to weed through it all. But, I do love freelance teach, too. He cemented an orgo concept for me and gave me a super simple trick that would have been a major lightbulb moment had my prof thought to pass it on. Freelance teach took something that was explained in class as way more complicated than it really is and put it in the straightforward language that is actually of use to those of us w/o doctorates in chemistry. I know not all profs suck at teaching, but some of them are just clueless at how to pass on their knowledge to those of us new to the subject. They speak as if we all have Ph.D’s sometimes and I wonder if I’m missing a whole bunch of prereqs until I realize the rest of the class concurs and we are all basically teaching ourselves thanks to the internet…

But, yeah, wikipremed. Heard good things and I’m going to check it out more.

You know I really do find that it varies–I couldn’t have made it through Ochem without Freelance and David Klein’s book and textbooks, but for physics, Freelance is less helpful. I’m also contemplating checking out “chad” as I’ve heard his videos are really good—but you have to pay for them, and I find that a little silly. Anyone have any experience with Chad’s videos? For the record, folks say his chem and ochem is phenomenal. I haven’t heard that the physics is as stellar, but I noticed he does have a new 2012 series out.

The truth of it all too is that I really loved Ochem, love chem, and don’t find that one needs videos for bio. Physics, on the other hand is killin me! The last thing I want to do is watch videos on angular momentum!

Hey Aledvina!

I currently use Course Saver for my physics and Ochem and I can honestly say that it is the best service one can get for the money. I don’t know what I would do without it. The Ochem videos are much better than the physics ones but for the price one would be hard up to find something better. I am actually understanding the concepts and the formulas because of these videos.

I highly recommend them. Hands down!!!

Hi, Julio. Are you using the MCAT videos or the College Orgo and College Physics videos?

Seems $10.00 for a couple videos, not a whole series, seems like a lot actually because it could add up. Though I see some of the sets cover a lot more. If they are recommended highly enough and a particular concept is getting me confused I may try it out.

Long time lurker. I’m someone who has watched a lot of both Chad’s videos and WikiPremed’s. In physics while Chad is more direct and to the point, John at WikiPremed has a way of building things up. Over time you really get a deeper understanding. This is also the case in the general chemistry as well. In organic, Chad is clearly better. I’d say WikiPremed wins in physics by a good margin, a tie in general chemistry, and Chad wins in organic. Neither of them have a whole lot of biology but what they do have is pretty okay.

I want to give the edge in general chemistry to WikiPremed but only by a little bit. Chad’s an awesome teacher, but WikiPremed really blew me away with the chemical thermodynamics/equilibriu m stuff. Chad is an awesome chemistry teacher overall. (A few of the WikiPremed videos I just kept waiting for John to get to the point!! But when he does it’s really worth it)

Chad is hands down a great organic teacher. WikiPremed does a nice overview of the mechanisms, but it just isn’t as good.

As for the WikiPremed publications, they were definitely worth the price, especially the physics cards. I think the game has helped me too, but it takes a while to get the hang of it. It’d be good if it had better instructions. The organic book is pretty helpful, but the print is too small. The bundle thing at Wikipremed comes with a disc, and and this helps me because I’m watching a lot of the videos again at 1.5 speed.

Anyway, they’re both good teachers and have different approaches, though with the WikiPremed videos you really have to watch them in the order of the course because it’s crazy how much they build on each other while with Chad’s videos you can drop in and get what you need.

Anyway I’m getting ready for the test in January and I’ve gone from the low 20s to the low 30s over the last four months with these guys. I have the TBR stuff and Examkrackers. Altogether I think I’m getting a good preparation. My understanding of science is a lot better now than when I was taking the courses even though my grades were pretty good.

  • shanport7300 Said:
Hi, Julio. Are you using the MCAT videos or the College Orgo and College Physics videos?

Seems $10.00 for a couple videos, not a whole series, seems like a lot actually because it could add up. Though I see some of the sets cover a lot more. If they are recommended highly enough and a particular concept is getting me confused I may try it out.

Opps, my bad Shan! I've only watched the Course Saver college videos not the MCAT ones. I'll be sure to do that next also after Cornwebsters awesome post about both sites I'll be sure to get started on Wikipremed.

Actually, Julio, I should have been more clear. I was wondering more about the College videos than MCAT videos. I’m in Orgo I right now and just wondering if I get stuck on something if the College videos are worth it.

cornwebster: Thanks for a very thorough and helpful post!!!

I just love how we are all so encouraging and helpful with one another here unlike other forums which shall remain nameless.

TGIF everyeon!

Hey again. Well, I was looking at Course Saver again and realized that one can actually buy the whole Organic series for only $30. So, that is not bad. I overlooked this before when I noticed that section by section it could really add up. I may try it out. I’m cheap, though, so I’m waivering, but Orgo class is going so fast right now that it may not be a bad idea to add to my arsenal. I’m keeping up but the next exam is only 2 weeks away and time flies so I need to start preparing ASAP.