why do it? and expiry

Greetings. I’m new, and my background is included in my signature. I have two questions:

(1) Does it make sense to pursue a medical degree at an advanced age if there are other things one wants to do in life besides practice medicine? For me, medicine would primarily represent a chance to have an intellectually challenging degree and job. However, I have two non-fiction books I would like to research before I die, and several hobbies. (Medical knowledge would dovetail with these other pursuits but delay their actual realization.) A secondary consideration is friendship and romance. The hospital staff I work with and other RN students have completely different priorities and interests. I am starting to despair of making connections with people if I don’t change my peer group.

(2) Is there a general consensus on the age at which the chances of admission start diminishing drastically regardless of strength of application? I have browsed a few posts such as Richard’s Rules for NON-TRAD success below, and went to med school at 39 in the general discussion section, but most people here seem younger.

Thanks so much!!

there’s no cut-off officially or unofficially. These days, they are pretty open minded when it comes to mature candidates, who have proven to be excellent physicians. A lot fewer people in their 30s and older apply to medical schools so it’s hard to say how much discrimination there is (undoubtedly there’s some, though).

It’s more about what you want to do with your life than what age limit exists, perceived or not. It sounds like you’re not sure what you want. Perhaps you should do some more thinking on the subject and try to articulate to yourself and others what you would do with a medical school education that you can’t do with NP training. NPs do a lot of medicine these days. MD/DOs do more research, and are in the position of highest authority. They get broader and deeper scientific and clinical training. But NP/PA is not a bad alternative these days if you want to have a life outside of school/work.

I’d almost think 31 is somewhat young for OPM so age definitely isn’t an issue…hell I’m 23 and I’m probably the youngest person on here. S’kinda nice cause I feel like a fossil on SDN where it seems like 80%+ of the people are 18.

“nontraditional” is definitely a state of mind. I met a 2nd year at WVSOM who was 22, entered medical school after doing 90 college credits, owned her own trailer in a trailer park (and planned to sell it for a profit upon graduation). She struck me as being more mature than some 30-year-olds I have met. I guess age is an arbitrary thing sometimes.