Why GWU? Mary, any thoughts?

I am pondering the question “Why GWU?” for my secondary application. The real answer for me is location - it’s in Washington, DC, but I would like to come up with some more concrete, non-location related reasons to apply. After researching, I so far have found that I like their high tech learning center - the simulated patients and electronic models, and the POM classes look really good - a great transition from student to clinician.

I want to go into family medicine - how does GWU score here? I saw that a rather low percentage of graduates go on to it as a specialty, which makes me a little nervous.

I’d love to hear from a current student or graduate who could tell me what they really like/d about GWUSOM…

Why GWU? LOTS of folks answer that it’s because of the location, so don’t fret that it seems like an inadequate answer. As the Capital of the Free World, we sort of arrogantly assume that of COURSE people want to come to GWU because it’s in Washington.
And citing the programs and facilities is fine, too. Every med school wants to consider candidates who’ve actually thoughtfully considered that particular place - and so a response that shows that you’ve read through the website, and familiarized yourself with the programs and features that they emphasize, will be a strong response.
Family med - in fact there were 11 or 12 of us who went into FM from my class (2004), which was quite a shock as previous classes had averaged 5-6. You can definitely pursue opportunities in family med if that’s what you want - the clinical preceptor arrangements during your first two years place you with a primary care provider and you can specify what specialty you’d like to work with, for starters. Then your primary care rotation during third year also gives you the chance to work with an FM doc - in fact that’s how I got turned on to family medicine, because I was lucky enough to get that as a random serendipitous assignment. (whew!)
One reason cited for the low rate of FM and other primary care docs is the cost of attending GWU - many of us graduated with a lot of debt and unfortunately that debt load becomes a consideration in choosing a specialty. When people are thinking about how to integrate med school debt into a life that also will have a mortgage, car payments, college tuition for their kids, etc., it just becomes kind of daunting. By being SO old, I avoided a lot of that! I already have the mortgage and two of my three kids are OUT of colllege So anyway, I do think money is part of the motivator. I don’t think it’s because GWU inadequately exposes you to, or prepares you for, primary care. I was WELL prepared for my career choice.

Wow, thanks for the thoughtful comments, Mary! I’m glad to hear that you thought GWU prepared you well for a career in family medicine. That is just what I want to do.

Hi Mary,
I am working on my GW secondary as well and I am trying to write myreasons properly. Before the convention, I had the pleasure of visiting the school, talk to some of the students, and of course see the facilities. Would it be improper to to say that when talking to the students they were excited to be there or that they really liked the facilities?
The exam-like rooms are part of the POM correct? And the class that you view the slides via the computer is that histology? These are the things that I liked about the school including the new hospital. But I am not sure about using “I” a lot in my little write up. Any suggestions?