Why is it I am just not good at chemistry?

We had a quiz the other day in my Chem 2 class and I made a 100% but only because it had no math problems.
Are there ANY people who are in medical school or are doctors who just didn’t do so hot in chemistry??
I do have a tutor but he doesn’t start until next week sometime so I am hoping that will help.
I know what I have to do and that is work problems over and over till my fingers bleed.
I have straight A’s in every other class (Anatomy, Microbiology, etc etc etc) but Chem is kills me to get a B and my Chem 1 grade ended up a C (my first C!! ahhhhh).

If it’s any comfort, my lab instructor said that most people who are not mathematically inclined do less well at Gen. Chem than at Organic which is more concept based with fewer calculations. My Gen. Chem. professor said there’s two things for sure in life, taxes and chemistry calculations.
Get the major concepts. Understand the relationships in the formulas. You’ll be fine. Recognize that it’s freshman chemistry and there are some things you’ll have to take for granted without understanding the ‘why’.