Why So Many Anonymous Users?

Right now there are 2 registered users and 27 anonymous users on OPM. I’m sure some of those anonymous users are registered and just haven’t signed on yet. But to those of you who are just curious and looking (read lurking) around, don’t be afraid to just register and jump into the conversation. Everyone here is friendly and is more than happy to help you out, answer questions, or just listen. And no one here is an expert, I think most of us are just figuring it out as we go along, and some are further along than others. So join us!

AntMan, it might also be the fear of being identified or being ridicule. I mean who would want to go to Med School later in life? We do yes, but we are so crazy…

over the 10 years of OldPreMeds existence there have been over 7,000 registered users. Many people of course finish premed, go to med school, drop out, etc. So perhaps at any given time 1,000 to 2,000 registered users are “active” (ie signed in during the past 12 months). Yet, OldPreMeds.org at is getting on average, 15,000 unique vistors per month (ie unique computer/network addresses). Even assuming that some of is the same person logging from desktop, laptop, and iPhone, OPM is still read by many more people than login and very few post. About once a year I post my “are you a luker?” Guess its time

Sometimes the older registered users are scrambling to get things tied up for applications, MCAT prep, or finishing up courses.

I know I was a regular writer for over a year then dropped off when life got crazy, the “wth am I thinking” overruled for a bit, and now got curious to see how everyone was doing.

Between my own blog which I routinely update (almost daily) and school, I just don’t have time to come here and post. But I do read.

Best of luck to you!