wiki premed august 2010 mcat

My plan is to use the wiki premed online course and take the mcat in August 2010…I am working on module 4 and it would be nice to work with others on this same course for pacing, etc.

What is the wiki premed online course? I’ve never heard of this one before.

It is a set of online courses. It seems pretty complete and neat. But I haven’t studied the material and have never taken the MCAT so I can’t say if it helps or not. But it probably does. It’s here

Thanks! I’ll check it out!

I’m also into prep at the moment. I’ve decided to get a grasp of the test as a whole, by using free tests on different sites, PR, kaplan, etc.

today I visited testprep-online and did their free trial test, pretty hard I should say. try it out, tell me what you think about the bio passage.

Thank you for posting this. I am studying with this as well but am only on module #1. Please provide me with any tips on using this program as I just decided to take the MCAT this August.

I have done module 1. It took me a while to slide into the methodology used by the teacher. What I should also be doing are some practice questions. I got the examcracker books and they seem to be well done.

For me, wiki premed is a godsend. Please let me know how you are progressing.

Getting through all of wiki premed will take a lot of time and effort, but I think we will be better off for it. I am not sure how much time it will take but my instincts tell me that at least 6hrs/day for 6days/week will be required for me.

From time to time I plan to take one of the practice tests put out by the aamc.

Good to meet you! More later! Avi

What did you think of it? Avi

I am slowly getting through module 1. It’s been 15 yrs since I’ve taken Physics, so I’m letting this soak in. I kept my notes from Physics from back in '95 (God it just seems like a few years ago) and all of the concepts are still there.

Did you buy any of the Wiki Premed materials (ManDala, Physicas Flash Cards, Organic Pocketbook)? They appear to be helpful and I’m considering buying these items.

Is ExamKrackers worth it? It appears to contain the same info that’s in the WikiPremed. What about their Audio Osmosis?


I bought the printed materials. I already have the orgo cards and the physics cards and just sent away for the mandala book.

I have not gotten into the examkrackers test books yet so I can not comment, but I did buy the one for physics and the one for chemistry. I bought the Examkrackers orgo text.

Today I watched videos in module 3, Electricity I and part of Electricity II. I have done the gravitation ones, so as soon as I finish the electricity videos I will move on to the vocab crossword puzzles.

Keep in touch!! Avi

I’m doing wikipremed too. I’m actually on module 6 right now. It’s difficult because I’m not a fan of physics.

Thank you for passing along the link!

Sometimes I find that I have to watch the videos more than once, so that I can understand the material.

Of course the course is more than the videos which makes it necessary for me to go through the module suggestions step by step to increase my understanding.

Hang in there! Go for it! Avi

Thanks for keeping this thread going. The prep course I had my heart set on isn’t going to work with my schedule, so I’m intensely interested in seeing how you all make out with the WikiPremed prep. I won’t be taking the MCAT until April '11 so I’ll be keeping an eye on this thread for updates. Good luck everyone!

It seems that wiki premed could well be used as an adjunct to premed studies. I think that if someone does wiki premed thoroughly he will do well on the mcat.

Wiki premed seems to be very good at teaching the facts and the concepts. However, it is not a panacea or a quick fix. You might want to get going earlier rather than later. It is up to you. Good luck to all of us!

Thanks for the reply, Avi. I was planning on getting started with it this summer, with the intention of starting on the physics material first (since I’m beginning that class in the fall). I also need to finish up orgo and am planning on using Wiki as a study tool for that as well.

Are you getting much out of the supplemental printed materials so far?

So far I have been doing most of my work online. This includes obviously the video lectures but also the vocabulary drills, physics cards, and reference material.

I plan to use the printed materials when I go to a place(s) where the internet is not readily available to me. I bought all the printed materials wiki premed has, and I am glad I did it.

I also bought some examkrackers question books and the examkrackers orgo mini-text book. I have not done many of the questions so far and that is an area I should pay more attention to in order to get experience dealing with the concepts in a problem setting.

I think the videos are great. I wish there were more videos for biology.

Thanks for the input on that Avi. I’ve been planning on going with the Berkeley Review home study materials (since I’d wanted to go in person and just can’t swing it with my schedule). I may get at least a couple of the Examkrackers books to supplement though. I know there’s no magical combination for MCAT prep (other than taking your basic sciences and doing well in them to start with), but I’m trying to get a decent balance with the strategies and methods I know work for me.


I am also a fan of wiki premed. I enjoyed using the website and going through the materials. I decided to purchase the materials. How long did it take you to receive your order? I ordered it a week ago and I have not received my materials. I tried contacting them, but the phone number on the website is incorrect. I’m taking my exam soon.

I only purchased the physics cards. I can’t wait to get them. Did you purchase the physics cards?


Hi- I got all of the Wiki Premed materials. I ordered them at different times. I opted for the free shipping which took a couple of weeks or so.

Wiki premed for me is a godsend.

I also learned about the Kahn Academies website from this forum. I use that too.

Let me know how you are progressing on this part of the odyssey!

Be well!