Will admissions even consider me with my addiction recovery history?

Med school Hq folks , first of all thank you for your content. It’s helped me a lot lately.

I have a question if you’ve got the time. I’m a 22 year old who works full time in the ED and who consults on the floor of a few local hospitals in a position that the states dept. of mental health and substance abuse created as an ER and acute careRecovery Navigator”. Its a “peer recovery specialist” job.

Im in recovery from a substance use disorder and have been clean for a few years now. My criminal record was expunged and I was invited back to the undergrad university, thanks to some anonymous , where I had originally had been expelled due to drug charges

I reenrolled this spring and have another 2.5 years to go with a currently low gpa as a result of several failed classes from my first attempt. (8 failed courses out of 16 total while the other courses are no higher than a C.)

I know that I can bring my gpa up, and to me, at this point it doesn’t matter how long it takes. My university premed advisor told me that I should get used to social work since she didn’t think I’d be accepted with the F’s and the former criminal record (even though background checks are clear a google search would not be)

I just wanted to know if you think it’s possible for me to go from a peer recovery specialist who has been Very up front with my addiction and mental health history, to getting accepted at Any med school.

My recent work doing these social work consults for patients in hospitals and crisis units has really shaped where I feel I need to be in order to help more people and be able to sleep at night feeling good with what I’ve done that day if you know what I mean. When I was a kid I dreamed of going into medicine but I thought that my dream was going to be impossible in the aftermath of addiction . Now that My record is clear and with and with a little encouragement of the physicians I work with I’m starting to have some hope again. (But they have not had the same academic or criminal record as me)

I have no experience with the stigma that exists in the admissions process but I know that you’ve got more experience than me so before I begin re taking failed courses and continue with the chemistry undergrad I wanted to reach out and see if anyone has any points that I should keep in mind.


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