Will Medical Schools care if I worked during my Pre-Med years?

My wife will be supporting both myself and our now 6 month old daughter during my undergrad and then during medical school. Will medical schools care whether or not I worked during my undergrad because of my age and family situation in as much as it may speak to my character? I have supported my wife during her undergrad. and she will be finishing in December with a nice job lined up that will make us relatively comfortable. Not well-off by any means, but comfortable. Knowing myself, if I am going to get as close to a 4.0 as possible, I’m going to need to focus my efforts, especially having been out of school for this long. Just looking for your thoughts and opinions.

I don’t think whether or not you worked will be that important. However, if you don’t plan to work, you will probably want to take a full-time load.