Will this work or be frowned upon?

When I was at CC algebra and trig were offered as two separate classes. When I transferred to a four year, it was expected that since I had already finished algebra I understood trig. To the contrary, I’ve never seen trig before I was faced with a tangent in gen chem II. I had to ask what it was and it made learning difficult but I still managed with a B in the class.

Fast forward to the childcare fiasco and realizing it will be another year before I can start the orgo rotation. I’m pondering signing up for a trig class through the original CC to get caught up next semester since they offer night and online courses that would work around childcare issues. They also offer summer classes and I could get pre calc and even genetics in that summer before taking orgo.

If I can strengthen the math I feel confident I can pull off orgo and physics together thereby staying on my original timeline. However, I don’t feel comfortable taking genetics with those two and it’s only offered at my four year college in the fall. (In the summer at the CC).

I’m seriously considering at least the math aspects at the CC, but am concerned with it looking like I can’t make up my mind where I want to attend. However, there is NO trig offered where I attend now so I’m stuck learning it on my own, which is proving difficult to motivate myself when it comes to math.

I think I could explain my reasonings for going back and forth to adcoms, but I would need the opportunity to do so. Do you think this would actually be perceived as flip flopping or does it sound like a reasonable plan since my pickings are slim for schools?

Financially it makes sense. I could only take one class next semester, and one in the summer, strengthen my math and pay down debt all at the same time without needing to take out another student loan until I’m ready to jump back into 8-10 credits. However, there’s always the question of, “what’s going to work best for my application”.

Obviously I have the time to decide, but figured I’d pose the question here and see what the "been there done that"s think.

Honestly, taking math classes at both a CC and a 4 year university is not a big deal. It is where you do your science is of more importance. People take classes at other schools all of the time because of the time factor. If the class that you need at a specific time is not offered at your school, then take it at another.

This is not a big deal.

I agree. Take it and don’t worry about it. Physics will be impossible without a solid grounding in trig.

Gablerman, what about the genetics class? I’ve been ITCHING to take genetics. I don’t know why, but it fascinates me and yet, I know I won’t take it when I’m bogged down with two math related sciences. Will it be considered a negative to take genetics in the summer when it’s offered at the CC? It’s totally weird how things are laid out. Only offered fall semesters at my college only offered in the summer as a crash course at the CC lol.

First thing first. Finish the pre-reqs and go well in them. When they are done, take genetics. I think it may be better to take that at your university.

All I need is orgo and physics before I can apply since I’m post bacc. I suppose I can take genetics between acceptance and matricualtion. (thinking positively here)

  • gabelerman Said:
First thing first. Finish the pre-reqs and go well in them. When they are done, take genetics. I think it may be better to take that at your university.

I agree also with taking the genetics course at the university level. however, I would strongly caution taking any science course that is a pre-req for med school over the summer. Please keep in mind that these are the courses that are setting the foundation for all you will learn in med school and grades for these courses play a prominent role in the application process. From personal experience,I have learned that taking them over the summer only scratches the surface of the subject and doesn't allow time for you to really absorb the information. I also noticed that some professors do not prepare as well for summer course nor are as dedicated to the students - especially if they are involved in research.