Wish us luck

Today is my last day of study for the big day. To all of us who are taking this weekend’s test, Good luck, God speed, remember the green dot, and kick the test in.
I know that I have prepared as much as I can for this test. I have seen improvement but can you really say that you are totally prepared for this test?
Anyway, back to testing.
Good luck to all of us. And remember…
Come saturday night…


Get a good nights sleep.

Good Luck everyone!

Knock 'em dead, folks! It is now time to STOP STUDYING and start unwinding. Your memory will peak a couple of days from now if you will stop stuffing new information into it. So kick back and get ready to show 'em what you’ve got!
I found the following mantra very calming on tricky questions:
“You’re so sly, but so am I!”

You guys will do great! Just think, in a few days, you will be able to relax and enjoy NOT having to think about this test!

I’ll be have my fingers crossed for you
(or as we say in Poland I’ll hold my thumbs for you!!!)
good luck!!!

Kasia! Are you from Poland? Sie ma???!
Good luck to you guys…

Good luck to Gabe and all the others testing on Saturday! I’m going into it with the idea that it’s gonna be fun. What are the odds of that?
P.S. Kasia, dziekuje bardzo! (Did I spell that right? )

The odds are good–I maintained that attitude for most of the day and I think it helped my score. I chair danced while tests were being passed out, I joked with friends, I made faces in the bathroom during breaks–happy people think better.
Two days before the exam, Mary Renard told me this was my chance to show what I know, and her attitude was, “Bring it on!”
Have fun with it! It’s good for you!


P.S. Kasia, dziekuje bardzo! (Did I spell that right? )

I’m not Kasia, but yes, you spelled it right (without accent marks)

Any MCAT takers reading today - Denise has pretty well summarized my attitude about the MCAT. This is your big chance to OWN that bad boy and let it work for you. Instead of looking at it as the big impediment, the awful hurdle, look at it as the great equalizer - the opportunity that will opens doors and get you interviews. It’s just a test, and it is completely in your control. And how cool is it that you’ve gone through the classes and done well enough to get to this point? It’s a big milestone in your journey; let your pride give you a lift as you walk in and work through the day.

Good luck to all of you! The only advice I can give is to NOT cut your caffeine intake if you are used to having coffee in the morning (withdrawal headaches are very distracting), go to the bathroom every chance you get, and energy bars!
But you already knew that stuff. I’m saying a prayer for you all to kick some major booty!!!

This is great pump up action. To those who remember Rocky III
"It’s the, eye of the tiger it’s the thrill of the fight
rising up to the challenge of our rival.
And the last known survivor stalks his prey in the night…"
Gabe out.

Roy! Roy, Roy, Roy! He’s the man, going to work. Got his tie, got his briefcase. He knows one day he just might become… supervisor.
Sorry, everytime I hear or think of that song, that darn commercia pops into my head

Good luck to all of you MCATers! Sleep well and rock that exam. :slight_smile:

When I hear that song, this is what pops into my head:
It’s the rye or the kaiser,
It’s the thrill of one bite.
If you want, you can have an appeti-zer.
Stay away from the tuna,
It smells funny tonight,
You can have your roast beef on the r-yyyyyyyyy-e
or the kaiser.
(thanks to Weird Al!)
Don’t forget to HAVE SOME FUN tomorrow, everybody!

Thanks for the inspiration! Best of luck to you tomorrow! ROCK the test!
Mary, Denise, Judy, and others . . . thanks for the kind words of encouragement and for believing in us.
This is it! Sleep well tonight and show the MCAT who is boss tomorrow!

It is now in the hands of the fates.


Congratulations! Go have a nice cold drink and celebrate your achievement.