Withdraw Damage Control

I’m looking for some advice on doing damage control for mistakes made a decade ago.

The short version is that I was in college originally because my parents wanted to be. I withdrew from college algebra six times I think. Furthermore I withdrew from school totally in two semesters. During those I got several WFs (withdraw-failing). I have retaken those classes with As and A-s.

What I am looking for is advice for when I go to apply and/or interview on how to mitigate those Ws and turn them into something good.

For the last four years I have gotten a 3.66 to 4.0 every semester, and have never gotten below a B in a pre-req. I am hoping that this helps. Should I simply say “I didn’t know why I was in college, but once I was interested in medicine it all came together…” or what?

Please, help!

Sounds like you’re going about it the right way. Definitely search the forums here, as this is an issue that many of us have had to deal with.

Basically, you can’t erase the past; you can only prove that you’ve learned from it, and you know yourself better now, and you’re ready, able, and eager to excel. You’ll want to flesh out your response a little bit more, as it’ll likely be mentioned in your PS, interviews, and to yourself. But keep at it!

Thanks. Yeah, learning from mistakes is a theme for my life. I think I could work that into a winning essay/interview response.

Thanks for your feedback.