Withdraw from Only some schools

I just rec’d my MCAT score and it is abysmal (About 5 points lower than I was averaging on practice exams ). Since I took MCAT late in the summer I submitted my app before I rec’d the scores. But I was wondering, how do I withdraw my app from some schools without withdrawing from all? I want to leave about 5 of the 15, but withdraw from those that are going to be super longshots (as opposed to only kind of long shots).

The withdraw option is greyed out. (I’m sure there is probably a post about this already…point in the right direction?)

You could just opt not to complete those secondaries.

I don’t remember the whole application procedure in detail, but I’m pretty sure that you already paid for all your applications. This money is now gone. So withdrawing your applications will not change anything. Just wait and see what happens. If one of these ‘super long shots’ sends you a secondary… just don’t feel it out and it will save you some $$. Otherwise just hope for the best!

my initial reaction was to find out the process to withdraw the specific applications so that they would not be pulled up and reviewed during the NEXT application cycle if/when you resubmit. However, it is likely schools will pull the file, formally withdrawn or not, upon reapplication. So I agree with madkasia that, in essence, the bet has been placed and the wheel is in spin. You might get lucky. I also agree with “shoeless,” I mean adam (sorry I couldn’t resist) that you can skip the secondaries on the schools you don’t want. I would advise that instead of a half assed secondary. Spend your time and effort on the secondaries that you will pursue.