wondering if I have a chance

So hey there I hope that I am not alone in having periods of doubt, not whether or not you really want to be a doctor but whether or not you have a chance in hell of getting into med school. I am currently doubting myslef and wondered if you guys could give me advice.

So I graduated in 2005 with a BFA in Drama from NYU with a horrible GPA 2.7 to be exact. That has all to do with some personal issues and being terribly bored. So right out of school I get a job and think I will work while I go back to school for pre-med (I won’t go into the decision making there, let’s just say it was a long time coming)Well because of a series of major foot surgeries it has been difficult maintaining a job and for that matter volunteer work. With volunteer work its also hard to find something that is medically geared and meaningful (no escorting). So long story short, a job or two and missed opprtunities, I feel like I have nothing going for me come application time next year except for my GPA in pre req work (3.8 at a competitive university) Am I totally screwed?

I am hoping to get a position as an ER scribe at the end of the summer and reapply for a volunteer position at a clinic that I had to pass up because of the most recent surgery but other than that I got nothing…

I guess I need a little encouragement.

I am reposting something I wrote a while ago on this subject

C-3PO: Sir, the possibility of successfully navigating an asteroid field is approximately 3,720 to 1!

Han Solo: Never tell me the odds!

From Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back

This is a question I ask myself frequently, sometimes 10, 20, or 30 times a day. The odds are well against me, even more so than most with the amounts of grade “baggage” I carry around. It is a very Sisyphean task as I successfully roll one course or grade or pre-req requirement boulder up the hill, another looms in its place and it seems to rollover me on its way to bottom where I must start on yet next hurdle. Never ending just as the Greek God punished Sisyphus to an eternity of shouldering this burden. Perhaps these pre-reqs and MCATs are a way for the Adcoms to start eliminating pre-meds early

Yet, this common interpretation is the opposite message that Greek Mythology had intended. Sisyphus was burdened with this task, yet he never suffered. If this is what he had to do to reach his goal, he happily rolled it up each and every time. He never cursed or complained even knowing that after every long struggle up the hill, there would be another and another and another. This attitude infuriated the Greek Gods that he was not suffering. Sisyphus never knew when this might possibly end. Perhaps he simply believes so much in himself that this would be over one day. Perhaps he simply did not want stay at the bottom of the hill, feel suffering, and regret that he could not complete his never-ending task.

I also do not want to stay at the bottom of the hill living in regret and what could have been for the rest of my life. I will try, despite the odds, the work, the age, the MCATs, the previous failures that may have occurred. I want to look forward to hard days of never ending work. Of insurance, of paperwork, and pagers going off at all hours. Of helping a child who is ill or an elderly, man whom just wants comfort. And I will see similar patients day after day.

Three factors keep me going mostly going on this path.

First, the pre-reqs at a local state and MCAT prep cost relatively little money as compared to the cost of medical school. The time it costs is also relatively little compared to the time I will be in medical school and residency. There should be a willingness to invest now compared to the great investment (and possible rewards) in the future.

Second, at the very worst, if I try and fail getting in, I can simply go back to career and employment field that I had before. I will be no worse off then before, other than the little time and money mentioned above. There is little or no cost in this area so would I not try?

Third and lastly, no matter how slim the chances to be accepted are, they are much better odds than not trying at all. If I never apply, I will absolutely never be a doctor. However, if I try, if I do the best that I can in pre-reqs, MCATs, and the rest, I might, I just might get a slot in a class of 2014.

Already this journey has had the great reward of being involved in OPM Simply meeting people, interacting with those of similar passion, getting support, and helping others in their quest, has been worthwhile. I am sure, no matter whats happens, If I never make it into medical school, I will remain a member OPM.

Thanks for posting that Richard. I think that sums up the journey I am facing perfectly - at the moment, mostly with enthusiasm and realistic optimism, but every so often …