wondering if these classes will impact my chances of applying

Hi all!

So I have a bit of a long question so I hope you can bare with me. I graduated a bachelors degree in Biology back in 2007. I have known since before college that I wanted to be a doctor. My gpa was not the greatest (3.03 cumulative, 2.97 science) and when I spoke with my premed advisor he told me point blank “you will never make it into a medical school”. I was pretty much crushed. I started to work as a veterinary technician and did this for about 4 years. I went back to school and received a masters in Molecular Biology and have a graduate GPA of 3.77. I have worked in research since and have a couple of publications but never really felt satisfied with anything that I have done since graduating from my bachelors degree. I even tried getting a secondary masters degree online in Bioinformatics but while doing my classes, work, being married and having my daughter (7 year old) go through major surgery to fix a congenital nasal defect, I pretty much fell off on my course work and failed out of the masters miserably.

For those that are still ready, thank you for the patience!

The classes I took were computer related (intro to java, bioinformatics) and I failed them (F) do to lack of completing assignments. This really putting my grade trajectory through the toilet. They are not science related per se however I do need to report these grades. I’m not sure how terribly this will impact my GPA and what medical schools would think of this.

I have not yet taken my MCATS but I will be doing so in the next few months. I would like to apply this coming June but am not sure if I should postpone and do something academically to help boost my grades.

As extracurriculars are concerned, I volunteered as a troop leader for a year, volunteer in my church’s youth group and have taught English to chinese children overseas. I have an upcoming internship in a hospital and as I stated before, I have worked in research for the past three years. Though not completely medical, I did work as an emergency veterinary technician for 4 years.

So should I do a post bacc? Would that even help? Any advise would be greatly appreciated.