Wondering if this is Normal....

I am 32 and have now figured out that I badly want to be a doc. I make a good living now but a very unhappy one and thus I have been taking courses at the local CC and really doing well but it is CC. My wife sincerly encourages me to follow this dream but I am seriously afraid of how I will be viewed, “the older guy”. Am I over-reacting or is this normal?

Hi and welcome.

All of us on this site are in the same boat. This morning after my Biochem class I was waiting to ask the prof a question and a student from the next class came up to me and asked if I was the Prof for the next class.

I think you are over reacting. Do you want to not pursue your dream because of what others think. Most doctors and professionals I spoken to are very supportive and I have 10 years on you. I would actually venture to say that some of my colleauges where I used to work are quite envious that I had the gumption to say “I’m not happy” and going to med school will make me happy.

So for you, you have to decide if you really want it and then if you do, grow a teflon coating and don’t let what others think worry you (except for your wife - you do have to consider her thoughts but it sounds like she is very supportive). You will run into negative folks (hence the teflon coating) but I think most people will be supportive)


Very little is normal about this quest… but so? – Normal people don’t have the courage to undertake this venture. You will be tought a bit odd. Some will think you nuts… some will respect you a lot for accepting the non- traditional challenge. Ultimately it is only you you will have to answer to. You and your future patients – if you are nutty enough to go for it. I had 12 years on you when I set on the road – And now Im doing charts …